Can I start the day again please?


Tadaaaa! Old & new together!

I’d like to start today again if I may? Could I not have MS though because it’s gotten right on my nerves today! It’s really interfered with a happy occasion, that’s what getting a new car is about right?

I know I always appear happy & smiley, that’s what people want to see & hear. I’ve always wanted to be truthful in this blog, don’t get me wrong, I have been. It’s just today I’m not happy but am still smiley! Hard to do but I know a lot of people that do it!

Why aren’t I happy? I’ve just collected a new car, I should be! I should have been excited about it and I was to begin with but, as the day got closer, I began to feel more & more anxious!

This is part of my MS, I don’t cope well with change! I think the reason for this is because my brain has a very hard time taking in & retaining new information. Going from somebody that was once compared to a sponge *soaks up information* to how I am now is very hard to accept!

That is why I wanna start the day again!
I just collected my new car & everything I was told about it just seemed to go straight through my ears! It was if I could feel it happening!
The first time driving an automatic on my own, I kinda needed to retain that information I was given!

I just can’t think straight today, even during pilates I was struggling!
I’m gong to stop giving myself a hard time & just breathe!
It’s not the end of the world!
I shall enjoy my new car, I’ll practise my pilates a little more & I bet you the next time I post a new blog I’ll be all happy again because I am stronger than my MS!

8 thoughts on “Can I start the day again please?

  1. Love that you got a new car! Nothing beats it when you feel on top of the world. I will give you an opinion I’ve discovered. I’ve had several vehicles. My f irst 1976 German v w rabbitt! That was a favorite. Nothing beat the joy I experienced. I also never got stuck anywhere even in whiteout blizzards. I thought ok that was so enjoyable I would get another just newer. In all I had three. All were letdown for different reasons. I believe I outgrew the car. Not encitment of the moment for a new car just I needed a different car to keep in touch with my expertise I guess I could call it. I had 2 Honda elements. The first was SPECIAL again! It was my favorite again . It went everywhere I went on and I ff road. I got another newer. A 2008. The old was 2005. Well right from the start was that let down. It just was not exciting. It was new yes. And shiny. And A head turner. But my first was more than a head turner I t was a people magnet! Everyone wanted one. Or I t! I sold several for my dealship! We all were happy. I claimed $50 and they sold yet another honda element. Then K started totaling my vehicles. I got an off road Honda accord! I say that because it was off road as much as when I was with my SUV’S! I finally got my last vehicle. My oh my. Excitement againt. A 2008 Kia Sportage. Luxury loaded and lock down hubs. I loved winter and blizzards and floods etc again. It was a beautiful car to drive. Sitting all nice and up high. Then it happened again. I wrecked it. I ended up in the hospital for a year and a half straight.

    It was my MS! I HAD MORE PLAQUES AND developed seizures and then epilepsey. Oh well. It was a serious let down to loose my license forever and my freedoom. I however enjoyed the ups and downs of being able to go and do whatever I wanted whenever ibeanted. Sometimes like I injected we love our cars so much and want to regain the excitementvagain. In effect I learned 4 years after not driving it’s sometimes we are ready for a different vehicle to regain that excitement we felt when we first took purchase of our grand new car. Everyone’s car is person AL to them. One persons junker is another person’s mercedes…or “inject your preference here”. I believe it’s the jitters of worrying about damaging your wonderful new car. Once you get used to it I think it will be fine. One other thing to confuse you even more….I had cars I did not like only to purchase another the same….and then I loved it.

    In truth in think it’s the worry of change. Just like aMs! I must move by next Fri. I have no idea where. I can’t drive or go around hunting for a pkace. I have nobody no family. Then last night…I was at the Emergency Room. I need surgery rightvaway!

    Oh my…now what?

    Challenges. I feel we are challenged sometimes with our emotions our likes loves hates our questions etc. Why sometimes it seems in excess of the need we might need to learn. I’m just rambling now. T lake it awat!!!! It’s your blog. Give us some of your thought provoking ideas again. By the way. Congrats on yourbpilates! That is quite the ackomplishment. OHH ever have that moment you forget how tobspel km? I just had one! I’m not sure if I spelled it correctly. Thanks for your words of wisdom.

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  2. Oh. It lost my reply.

    I commented that sometimes you have a favorite car. And you try and a complies that favorite excitement again. I had a fav. My first car a 1975 vw lime green Germany rabbit. It went everywhere I did. I wore itbout. I purchased 3 others. Sadly none reached the great expectations I experienced with my first. I believe it because we outgrow our need for the same vehicle.

    We grow apart from our youthful way with that first love of our new car. I had 2 Honda elements. My first was my most famous folder or series of photos. I called it 2095 Honda Element DO IT IN Style. I mentioned how it went everywhere I did and never let me down. It was truly a love a fair for my SUV. I THEN tried to accomplish the same with a 2008 Honda Element.

    Well it just never lived up to my expectations. Number one the 2015 was a new breed. I sold them for my deal e rship like rabbits! Like I did with my vw rabbitt.

    However the 2008 was not exciting to me anymore despite 3veryoneblived the color. However my gala Paris green one from 2005 with fake bullet holes and deflectors running boards and tinted glass pitch black and it ability with bites new deep grooved tread well it was undtoppeable.

    I then started wrecking. Did not understand why.

    Had to trade down to my “off road Honda accord xar”!

    I was off road as much as I n had been with my suvs.

    I had to get yet another vehickle. I got a Kia sportage. OHH my love again. Look down hubs. Luxury and you road high up. It again was unstoppable until one day I received my letter in the mail I had to surrender my lisxence. It was the Ms. I ended up with epilepsy. I went from 2 to 15 plaques in my brain.

    It was a sad moment for a person known for her accomplishments through snow sleet blizzards floods tornados everything.

    I loved driving but hated the loss of freedom I felt. To top it off I ended up getting a divorce. In my eyes it was the MS. I cost my husband to muh.

    However I had become a top artist and photigrwpher. WITHOUT MY VEHICLE I COULD NOT HAVE donevit.

    I’m in a new chapter again. I must find a place to LUVE by next friday. I have no b e. And last night I was at the Emergency room. I need surgery rightvaway.

    Now how am I gonna accomplish this? No family no close friends near no money and the unknown looms.

    I’m sorry. I am not or was not trying to hitchikevyour good story.

    There truly is nothing like a new vehicle to change your attitude for the vetter. KI think you are shy right now and a bit xautious. After all you have a new baby to take you olaces. And of my I know you are gonna have fun with that snazzy eye catcher!

    Watch out here you come….ready or not. Love your stories. I look forward to more. Thanks for being there thru your stories. We gotta stay together with this life altering disease changing mind changing event that has been thrust upon us for I believe a need to learn something……


  3. Ok….I will hijack it once more and quit…..I looked at you title.

    May you start the day again?

    How oddly appropriate. I feel that now for me.

    I believe all us MSrs feel this one day or another. My….you got me talking. I usually read and sit in the back just watching reading…..that you for the thinking you allowed me. And the memories. Good evening…or I’m not aware of the time difference. Please forgive me.

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    1. Oh bless you hun, ur mistakes are just the quirks of how MegaSpecial we are & there’s no need to worry because I can read MeSsy text πŸ˜„

      Have a great day chick, I’m Vix 34yrs & live in the UK. I love life! Fitness freak, addicted to pilates & thinking about being an inspirational speaker πŸ‘πŸ‘


      1. Oh thank you. I have had optic neuritis 5 times in one eye and now both at the same time. I’ve been diagnosed in 1984. It was very rough. Catherine for several years. Suddenly after I discovered a meaning for my life…art and photography I became I thought cured!

        Seemed like it. I have lymphedema and lipedema too. I lost 200 lbs! I was lighter on my feet I felt better and did well until the so called divorce after 40 years. My hubby of course did the mind trip….saying I cost him too much. He left for a so called business trip and never came back. I never even went to court because I had yet more to bear….4 strokes. It has been a terrible thing to endur with no support
        I called. But nobody would pick me up. So now is more challenges.

        I so wish I knew people personally who let’s say preach as they say they practice.

        I may have worded this wrong. People say things but then have no real reason to do as they say. I called a church based MS GROUP. THEY DECLINED ME due to my disabilities….my lack of driving g!

        If I may can I ask if anyone is in the Harrisburg area of PA….PLEASE….I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE YOUR KIND HELP IN ALLOWING ME TO PARTICIPATE IN MEETINGS. I hope you can block this if you feel it’s inappropriate. I NEVER EVER ASKED FOR HELP.

        I’m feeling I’m encroaching on your blog. I will never do itvagain. I am just well at my wits end. Thanks you so much Vix. I’m at awe ho we you’ve stepped up to the challenges. Thank you dear…..have a cup of herbal tea. I read you drink tea. What is your favorite? If I may be so bold to as sk.

        Like I said I don’t yet know the do’s and dont’s. I’m willing to learn if you’re willing to teach. Thank you dear.


      2. Hun, are u in America? I’m in the UK. I don’t know what groups there are for you in USA. Do you use Facebook? There are good groups there you could join.
        I don’t have anything to teach u, I’m sorry.


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