Todays flare comes from my MS, in the form of TREMORS!Β 

Shake it baby! 

My body has an internal tremor today and my head is going for it too! 

Not the nicest but a good reason to be a sofa surfer! 

Something I always found hard to do, but not anymore! 

The trick is, listening to your body, a way that my body tells me it needs rest, is a flare of my symptoms. 

Today’s flare is from my MS and I have Tremors! 

Yesterday it was quite possibly my Fibromyalgia with extreme pain (hard for me to tell fibro pain from MS pain)
I understand everyone leads busy lives in different ways, and it is extremely hard for people to find the time to just stop, to rest, to breathe. 

BUT, we have one body for our lifetime!
Preach over! πŸ™ŠπŸ‘ŒπŸ’― 

11th July 2017 Oxygen Therapy #9

Another great session, although it is painful on my sinuses! So if you have any sinus issues, and are thinking of trying this, just be aware that its a slight issue for me!
I’m soooooo tired! Yes it helps my MS fatigue but that’s soooo different to being worn out! 
In this video, I ask the wonderful public for your help in funding my own oxygen mask. This is so that the mask will be fitted for me, and won’t need to be adjusted every time I come, causing issues with air escaping as I breathe, and also meaning I won’t have to hold the mask on for the whole hour!
It would appear that I will need funding to be able to complete this course as well! I still need to find the money for 3 more sessions! Β£16 a session!
Unfortunately I haven’t been able to complete my Go Fund me page just yet but as soon as I do I shall share it!
Thank you all for taking time to read/watch! As always, please leave any questions or comments & I’ll be glad to get back to you.

Much love, Vix

21st June 2017 – Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, first vlog, session 2

Soooooo, I’ve been writing a blog about the intensive HBO (Hyperbaric Oxygen) therapy I have just started, thing is, its so much easier to just chat about it!
πŸ¦„ here’s my first VLOG! πŸ¦„ 

I’m so excited about this! πŸ™

Making a down day happier…

​Having a pretty shitty day today tbh, so fatigued its unreal! Every day lately seems like I have to push myself harder, just to move my body and that’s without actually thinking about what I want my body to do! That takes even more effort! Long gone are those days that I can do things without thinking!
Right now, MS sucks but guess what, I was looking through my pictures on my phone, to find something that reflects my current mood…
That’s when I saw this photo and everything changed! 

This photo was taken last Sunday when I yes me, drove the furthest I have ever driven (90 miles to South Yorkshire) to see my MS sister & the rest of our faaaamily! Of course I had my DebbieRahRah as SatDeb & navigator. What makes me feel more proud, was that I drove without feeling nervous!
This beautiful lady is my Kindred Spirit, she has helped me through my MS more than she’ll take credit for! I only need to see her smiley face and my mood lifts! 

Thank you Sarah Hickman for making my day cheerier! 

(And I know exactly what she’s saying when she reads this… Either “oh behave” or “stoppppp”)


Heata maker me wanna sleepa

​Soooooo sleepy! 

I find it so odd how some people’s MS likes dry heat, helping with their pain levels & then there’s some whom like me, it makes their pain worse! 

Humidity has to be the worst for all MS’rs! I’ve never met an MSr who likes humidity! 

For too long i haven’t been able to visit my friend @emilytexasbaran in her (was then) new home in Texas because of the humidity there! 

Now she has moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania I’m going to have to start saving hard for flight tickets! #notsohumidthere

Tooooooo hot man!


​’Just’ a cold!

‘Just’ sinus pain!

‘Just’ a sore throat!

‘Just’ a headache!

‘Just’ a slight temperature! 
‘JUST’ is ‘JUST’ too much for an MSr or me specifically to much to function! 
I thought i was ‘just’ the temperature yesterday (over 18Β°c is ‘just’ too much for my MS to handle!)

Turns out it wasn’t ‘just’ the temperature after all! It was this cold as well, hidden underneath how tired I was feeling!
Exercise classes cancelled, body resting, fluid intake increased & Ultra chloraseptic anaesthetic throat spray to hand! 
I’ll soon be back on it! For now, rest rest rest!

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