Sinusitis again!Β 

I don’t know about other MSrs, but I always know when I have an infection! 
Balance is terrible & my vision started to blur! 

I’m so sensitive to any changes to my ‘normal every day MS symptoms’ 
Thank you sinusitis I get to have some Antibiotics, which apparently I had before in 2009! Just hope I don’t react to them! 

Picture is my own, as are the words

5th July 2017 Oxygen therapy #7

I haven’t done a video to go with today’s Oxygen therapy blog.

The treatment went really well, I’m really enjoying being able to take the time and its purely just ‘me time’ Its something that we rarely do for ourselves, due to the busy lifestyles we lead. 

I am a firm believer in making time for yourself, to check in and listen to your body, she’ll talk to you if you give her the chance! 

I’m really starting to enjoy reading again. Ever since I lost vision in my right eye, on the lead up to my MS diagnosis, I stopped reading as much until I got myself a ‘Kindle’ This was a great move, it meant I could enlarge the text, so I didn’t struggle so much to see the print.
On days when my vision isn’t as good (normally when its hot) I still use my Kindle, but there’s nothing like the feel of holding a book. That’s if you can feel, and MS hasn’t taken that from you, sense of touch for me is like you would get if you are permanently wearing washing up gloves! 

How are u at holding books? I find that really painful and heavy as well! Oh the joys! If anyone has any cool tips on reading books, any devices used to hold one and keep the pages of book open???? 

Please, I’d love to know πŸ˜„
The reason I didn’t do a video is because around the 15 minutes left in the chamber marker, I went so unbelievably tired! It wasn’t like my normal ms fatigue, more like absolute exhaustion! 

I just wanted to sleep! So I closed my book & rested my eyes, I needed to be alert enough to drive!

Maybe I was effected so much because I was listening to background music as well as reading? All that information going into my brain, must be a lot to digest?

I made sure I was completely awake and alert before driving home, which also meant I couldn’t do a video! Even the shortest videos I do can completely exhaust me! 
I know for sure that the heat hasn’t been helping me at all with this feeling of exhaustion, but I can’t blame that whilst I was in the chamber as it was relatively cool! 
Next one isn’t until next week now, as I have an appointment at my local hospital tomorrow for some tests to be done on my stomach. Its been a long time since they took a look inside it, when I was in so much pain after eating, I actually stopped eating normally for 6 weeks! This must have been around 15 years ago!??? 

Because the pain still comes and goes with no real pattern, my friends & family persuaded me to speak to the Dr about it. He referred me for an endoscopy, which is being done tomorrow. 

This just means that I’ll be missing another session of oxygen, and I’ll be going over the 15 weeks. This didn’t seem any issue when I spoke to the staff at the MS therapy centre today.

I’ll keep you informed! 

As always, if you have any questions, I’ll do my best to answer. 

And please please, if you have advice on book holding issue, I’d love to know.
Much love, Vix

Photo is my own, as is the text

MS messed with the wrong girl

​My post-fight klub picture with my DebbieRahRah to the left & Laura to the right! 

Amazing, hot, sweaty class last night! 

*tank top reads “MS messed with the wrong girl* HA! Didn’t it just! 

World mental health day

World mental health day doesn’t just stop at the title, mental health can be an underlying issue to other illnesses. 

I know for myself this is definitely the case. 

MS, fibromyalgia and a whole lot more invisible illnesses for obvious reasons also can come with mental health issues. Something I was frightened to talk about when first started on antidepressants but it shouldn’t be like that! 

I’m happy to say I’m no longer frightened to talk about it!

September sun

​True story! 

20Β°c is always going to be tropical to me! 

Don’t get me wrong, I love to see the sun! Who doesn’t! Its one of those enigmas in life, people are happier when its sunny (unless your a vampire, then that’s just unfortunate! Move to Forks, Washington,USA! I hear its nearly always cloudy there!) 

Like i was saying, I’m happy to see the sun, as long as i can stay cool & its not humid! It’s the humidity that’s the hardest to combat for us MSrs, staying cool can be achieved a number of ways but how do you combat humidity? Answers on a postcard πŸ€”πŸ˜‰

Still a rock star!

​Just when I convince myself, doing this is allowed, its OK to let myself rest. 

I then see not just one medical appointment, but two, both today, my rest day! 

That’s what rest days are for isn’t it!?? 

Appointments, because they’re so much fun! 😜 

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​”Stronger than your average chick”

​”Stronger than your average chick”

Oh yes i am! Absolutely loved Body Pump tonight with @keza_h! What an awesome instructor Kerry is! I never thought i would be able to do this class & not only can i do it but tonight i increased my weights again! 
Feeling proud! 

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