Denervation recovery day three

The third day of recovery after having my back procedure. It’s Sunday, the first day of our weekend. The day that our alarm clocks are redundant, I do love my sleep! It also means that because I’m not on my own my mood is good even though my pain is bad!

I did have to cancel a class today, we don’t normally go to exercise classes on a Sunday but Deb and I had decided we would try a different class, one that we had both wanted to do for a while called ‘Body Pump’ A weight-based group-fitness program created and distributed globally by Les Mills International.
I was really disappointed that I had to cancel but there was really no way that I could do it! I didn’t think there would be any chance I would be able do the class after having my back done!

I didn’t stay disappointed for too long after I cancelled the class yesterday, the reason for this was because Deb told me she would also cancel as it would be better if we did our first class together!

We didn’t stay in mopping! I’d been given a HMV gift card for my birthday and I knew exactly what I wanted to get. I told Deb that I wanted to go and get the film called ‘Lady in the Van’


I was so excited to be going out, I know it was only 2 days, 3 if you include the day of the procedure. I felt as though I had been stuck inside for too long, I mean I’m normally out every day even If just for a short time like visiting my GP to renew my medication!

I updated my social media status to something like:
“Breaking news!… I’m going out! The Vixter has left the Manor! (Fear not sofa, I will return!)”

This was short lived though and soon updated to:
“I’ve returned! I forgot that I could only stand for about 5 minutes yesterday! The pain is horrendous when I’m walking and standing! Better off staying on the sofa a little longer me thinks!”

It’s so easy for me to forget the things I can and can’t do, especially when my pain is just about bearable when I’m sitting in one place! I’d forgotten the awful pain in my thighs when I walk, the pain shooting down the backs of my legs emanating from my butt and finishing at my feet. I’d forgotten how every step was more and more painful and I’d even forgotten how I would need help lifting my legs in and out of the car! Even if I had used my wheelchair I would have still been in too much pain getting in and out of the car and also whilst in the wheelchair because of twisting to look at different things.
Still, all this said, I managed to get my dvd and we watched it tonight. A lovely film, very different to what you might expect but still a good film.

My trip out today has made me realise one thing for sure, I definitely won’t be able to attend the MS exercise class that I normally go to and being covered by Hannah Bailey. It’s scheduled for tomorrow (Monday). Even though it’s seated exercise it’s far too much for me to handle yet!
This also means that I won’t be going to Monday evenings Fight Klub! This isn’t good news! One of my favourite classes! I’m going to have to try extremely hard to stay positive tomorrow because of this! Wish me luck!


I love Fight Klub!

Brilliant Fight Klub last night with Hannah Bailey!

Had this T-shirt with me so whilst I finished the class early as usual to try my best to get my temperature down, I thought it most appropriate to hold this top up during the gruelling abs section!
Everyone seemed to appreciate it 😄


Btw, I wish I could take part in the abs section but I have to use that time to cool down!
My internal thermometer is fooked thanks to my MS! When I over heat it triggers all of my symptoms, meaning I can hardly walk, balance, see, hear, talk, oh the list goes on!
At least once my temperature is at a safe level my symptoms subside and I just walk and talk like I’m pissed!

I’m so pleased I’ve found something that helps to keep me cool!
*the t-shirt doesn’t keep me cool, just to clear that up! It’s a cloth that is extremely cold when wet! For those that attend fight klub or any other cardio classes I attend, it’s that pink cloth I always have either around my neck or over my head like a nun! 😂😜*


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One of the t-shirts I bought today TWO sizes smaller than this time last year!
I think I could actually go another size smaller… THREE sizes smaller than this time last year! Need my personal clothes shopper ‘DebbieRahRah’ to give me here advise before I risk going down to a size 14!
*It’s been 6 years since I was that size! My pre MS diagnosis size!*

Thank you to every one that has supported me & continues to support me on this physically & mentally challenging fitness journey that I’m on!
It doesn’t feel like it or look like it after a lot of the exercise classes I do, especially cardio, that’s the hardest, but I am loving the new energy I have and mostly the new friends we have!

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Tried something different tonight!

Body Combat with Gill Cathcart!

Was it a good class?
Let’s do my Multiple Sclerosis symptom check list…

•Unable to control temperature? Yep ✔
•Hearing gone? Yep ✔
•Blurred vision? Yep ✔
•Spazzy legs? Yep ✔
•Slurred speech? Yep ✔
•Pins & needles in hands & feet? Yep ✔
•Numbness in my thighs? Yep ✔

Did I enjoy it? Loved it ✔✔✔
Will I go again? Yep ✔✔✔

Am I crazy? Well you all know the answer to that! ✔✔✔✔✔

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The 7lb in 31 days challenge #blog #goal #ms #multiplesclerosis #7lbin31days

1st day and I haven’t done so well! I had to take my purse out with me today to pay for our dogs medication. Carrying money with me is always dangerous!

Feeling disappointed in myself which only leads me to want to do w better tomorrow!

I’m glad I’m making myself tell all, it’s like shaming myself into doing better!

A blog a day! Goal set 7lb in 31 days! #weightloss #blog #goal #ms #multiplesclerosis

I had to stop going to Slimming World due to unforeseen expenses consisting of the love for our dog, her arthritis, her pain levels and medication for it.
Therefore I need a new way to stay focused on my weight loss journey.
That’s where you come in!

I need to keep in check with my journey, no cheats! That’s going to be so hard but I have to keep telling myself if I want this bad enough then I’ll be good!

Does anyone have any tips for me to resist the sugar temptation?

I had an appointment with my Neuro Physiotherapist today! 1 thing they are good for is telling you when they think you have lost weight!
Feeling good about that!

I will nail this journey! I will prove to my MS that I CAN, I WILL and I DO succeed!