The inner fix

​Tomorrows self help personal workshop has been planned into the day with the help of this book ‘THE INNER FIX by Persia Lawson & Joanne Bradford’  recommended to me by @louiseavilesyoga my very own health coach to be & Yoga teacher! 
“Through their humorous, practical & relatable approach, they’re determined to remove the stigma of self-help & spirituality and make it accessible to their generation. Persia and Joey reach out to their followers across an expanse of online channels, encouraging them to #GetAddictedToTheGoodStuff.” Review from Google Books

Busy week!

​So heres what happened this morning, yes I know, its only 9am! 
Ok, so, I got myself ready for the gym. Thanks to my gawd damn awful chronic pain and having to increase my medication, I have put too much weight on & I’m incredibly unhappy! 

I did at least find out that it is the medication that has caused the gain! 

So I’ve decided to start going back to the gym & really give myself that push I obviously need! 
Anywayyyyy! I arrived at the gym & was just starting to put my disabled parking badge in the window when my phone made a noise (I never know what sound means what!) 

As I looked at my phone it reminded me of my physiotherapy appointment at the hospital! 

It also reminded me of my Chiropody appointment this afternoon!
Its appears to be a week of medical appointments! 

• Had my Tysabri yesterday (monthly MS meds) 

• Physio today

• Chiropody today

• Blood test today

• Yearly MS review tomorrow with Neurologist!
The fun just never stops! 


Learning more lessons about myself

​Each of my Yoga practises seems to bring me a new lesson! 

Contrary to belief, Yoga isn’t all about looking amazing in poses or how long you can hold a headstand for. Nope, its what you learn about yourself whilst doing it and believe me, I’m learning a heck of a lot! 

It really is magic! 

Remember… 🐴➡💫yoga💫➡🦄 But also, not every practise makes you feel amazing, some can be very draining, like today! 

Trust the journey! Its not all black & white! Believe in yourself! 

Namasté @louiseavilesyoga 🙏

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​Proud friend moment!
Can’t wait to catch up with u when you get home! 
Gold at Rio Paralympics! 
18 years diagnosed with MS, she never stopped believing, put everything into it & she’s gone and done it! 
I’m so proud!
Proving MS doesn’t stop dreams coming true! 💞

I’m so proud to call Stephanie Millward an amazing friend!

Stephanie Millward S8 100m freestyle final at Rio Paralympics!

Lets all cheer our amazing girlie on as she proves MS is by far the end of our dreams! 

Not only does she inspire me Every. Single. Day! But Stephy is also proof that dreams do come true!

Live every day as if its your last & never stop dreaming! 

Make sure your teleboxes are on C4 at 23:36 UK time!
Eiiii! Can’t wait! Go Steph Go! You got this girl! 🏊💨💨💨🏅