Pay it forward

​When a lovely soul sends you this!
“You are amazing, and brave, and wonderful! Remember that today”
Thank you so much @impulse_regeneration, over on instagram! He doesn’t realise how much I needed that reminder and how much he made me smile!
Just goes to show folks, it doesn’t take much to make someone smile. 

Try it, send some positivity to someone!


​It wasn’t my intention

​It wasn’t my intention to wake up at 5am! 

Just as it wasn’t my intention to get up at 5:30am! 
Typical, on our last day of our wonderful long Xmas holiday. On the last day of our 10 days of sleeping in, I wake up too early!

When I tried to go back to sleep, after letting the boys out for toilets, a little whippet (aka, #wonderfulwalterwhippet) decided he needed to visit the little​ boys room again! And then, well, he was wide awake and full of Whipety crazy! Love that boy!
Its gonna be another lazy day! 

Photo is my own with use of a Snapchat filter

And so the adventure begins…

​”And so the adventure begins”
Well hello 2017! What fun shall we have this year then? 

Looking forward to it! More Yoga, more Pilates, more blogging, more art, more sharing, more caring, more positivity, more mindfulness, more learning, more working on self love!

Meme shared via Pinterest, words are my own

2016 accomplishments & 2017 intentions…

​Writing down my accomplishments for this year and my intentions for 2017 in my awesome new notepad & with my new pen! Both from @shiftMS whilst drinking glass of ‘Gin & Ginger Ale’! Thanks guys! 😉
What an incredible year 2016 has been!
Looking forward to seeing what 2017 brings! 

Picture & words are my own

Moving forward

​With lovely memories of 2016, there’s also some heartbreaking ones to! 
I wish every single one of you the strength to learn from this year and to accept what was.
Always be there for one another, keep creating, travel often, love fully, give thanks, dream big, work hard, take risks, stay humble and most importantly… Stay you!

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Squat until you walk funny

​Tee hee hee!
Don’t need to do squats to walk funny, I do that anyway! 

Tonight though, oh my, I only normally do 45 minutes Body Pump (weights) but the different class I went to was an hour long! 

It was AWESOME! Couldn’t really walk very well after & had really bad shakes, but I did it!! 👊💥
So grateful @keza_h was there to help me but my equipment away and walk me to my car! 😊

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