1-1 Yoga! 

Today I will try to remember that where ever I get to in my practice is ok!

I will remember that not only have I completely stopped one of my MS nerve pain meds but I have also halved the main one as well!

Today I will remember not to be hard on myself because this is going to hurt & there’s a reason for it! 
I have to overcome the pain and not let it overcome me! I am in charge of own thoughts! 

It is with my mind and the breath alone that will get me through this! 

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Thanks, Vix

Tysabri (natalizumab)

​Monday already and the alarm is set to wake me up in less than five hours! 

Its been four weeks since my last infusion so that can only mean one thing… Time for some more of the good stuff when daylight breaks! 
This is my super juice! My drug not so much of choice because, come on, really who chooses to pump chemicals like this through their veins without getting a ‘high’ afterwards! 

Actually, thinking about it, yes, I choose! I choose this over monthly relapses, over loosing my vision, over being wheelchair bound! 

And there is a high, eventually, after the initial feeling like crap! The high is in the knowing that I have been relapse free and steroid free for a whole year now! Knowing that the relapse I know i had last year was minimal in comparison to before I was put on to Tysabri! 
So heres to you NHS! I salute you for the service you provide for me & my MS family and anyone else that calls upon you! 

Eternally grateful, me!

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Friends forever

Last Friday my Mummy (Jill Edwards) came from Cyprus for a visit. 
Mummies are the best friends anyone could have! 
I’ve loved sharing my two passions that is Yoga & Pilates, when she came with me on Tuesday evening to @louiseavilesyoga yoga class and then Friday, when she not only came with me to Kate Pilates class but the three of us went for a lovely meal after! 
I also loved taking my Mummy to the Cinema for her birthday treat to watch the new Bridget Jones movie! 🎬
I love my Mummy because she brought us a ‘cakeaway’ for our dessert today after our Sunday meal at a local carvery! 

I also love my Mummy because she couldn’t manage all of her cake at lunch, so I cut it in half tonight and Deb & I just ate it for her! 

Have a safe journey home Mummy! Love you so much!

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Why am I practacing yoga?

​I need to keep reminding myself of this every time I practice! 

Today, for the first time, I actually felt like walking out of the group class before it finished! 

Just feel a bit like, whats the point, I can’t step back to plank from sun salute, I can’t take a giant step from down dog to front of mat! I can’t can’t even stand up into warrior! 6 months & I can’t do those things! 😠😡😵 
Hang on a minute Victoria! What about all the things you CAN do now that you couldn’t do 6 months ago!??? 

Yeah, just think about that then hey! 🤔

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Reverse warrior


Reverse Warrior Pose is a variation of Warrior II pose with many benefits: 

• Strengthens the quads, arms and neck

• Stretches the groins, hips and obliques

• Opens the chest and shoulders

• Increases self esteem and perseverance
“Opening the heart has physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual benefits. Rounded shoulders and a hunched spine are typically associated as the posture of someone who is less confident, timid, fearful or possibly depressed”
Beautiful personal yoga practise this morning with it finishing with a wonderful feeling of euphoria!
I love it when things come together! 

Think my mantra of ‘being patient’ is paying off! 

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