Day 1 of Mel Wells 7 day self love challenge

Ok so, its the first day of the #7daysofselflove with Mel Wells 

Today’s challenge is to share one thing that you love about yourself!
Before my MS diagnosis, I was in a really confident state of mind and felt comfortable saying “I love every part of my being”

Since then I’ve always felt uncomfortable saying I love any part of myself other than my smile and my soul! 
I understand that it’s okay to have self appreciation and self love, as I have been in that place before, but i find it hard now, 7 years later, to accept the change in myself, in my figure. 
The other hard thing for me today is to share this about myself so publicly!

I hate the thought of anyone feeling sad for me, so things like this I would rather keep between myself and close friends! 

*this is not a pity post, this is my journey to self love*
I’m always up for a challenge though, to prove to myself that I’m working on being a better version of myself! 
The other thing you will notice is there is no picture of me, just my very raw, messy handwriting! 

The picture is from one of my actions I had to do for my health coach session with Louise.

‘Write a letter from your future self’ 

I hope it will all make sense when you read it/if you can read it! 
I didn’t want to re-write it and pretty it up because, that just wouldn’t be the right thing to do!


Picture is my own, words are my own


All the Yoga highs!

​So this happened during my 1-1 yoga today!

Today’s session was all about love, self love and appreciation in fact! 

This is what happens when you have such a wonderful Yoga teacher who you feel so connected to! Thanks to her as well for putting me in contact with Melissa Wells!
I feel so honoured that the universe heard me on one of those many days, when I was so low, from the beging of my MS diagnosis 7 years ago and Fibromyalgia 6 years ago to when I was given Louise’s name in March 2016!
I was so desperate to stop hating myself for gaining weight because of my mobility issues, not because of anything I could have prevented. 

I needed a change. Something had to give, so I put it out there, I had always felt the calling for Yoga, knowing how open I am to spiritual insight, I knew I was on the right path.
I think it could have only been my third 1-1 with Lou when I started to open up to her about what I had only at the time, recently discovered about myself, I had an eating disorder. 

She instantly told me about Mel & The Goddess Revolution, which upon hearing about it, I instantly pre-ordered the book! 

And I’ve never looked back since! 
This picture makes me so happy!

What you cant see is my beaming yoga high smile during, after and every time I look at it!

What no one saw and very rarely sees (that’s called being an MS warrior, there’s a lot of us! πŸ‘) was the major energy crash afterwards and the muscle soreness!

You know what though, it was totally worth it! The whole session was!
Please always remember, anything is possible! πŸ™πŸ’š

Failed by National Health Service

​Reminder to myself and every other person who like me suffers from mental illness! 

This week I had my monthly Tysabri infusion, not the nicest of things to have to go through but because we are warriors, everyone of us does our best to make it a light hearted day.

This month was the worst each of us in the group has ever experienced though! 

I will be sharing what happened at the hospital on my blog as soon as I have got my head around it. 

To say that we go to hospitals fir treatment and put all our faith in the staff there, the drs, nurses and others, to look after us. 

But what do you do if the system fails you!? What if someone’s bad day becomes your problem because they couldn’t handle it quietly to themselves. 

What if the man inserting the cannula into your veins doesn’t back off when you ask him to because on the 9th attempt he still hadn’t done it.

What if you can’t cope with all of this because of things that have happened in your past.

What if all of this exasperates your MS.
What do you do then?

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Its all in your mind!

This is so true for so many things!
Pain, it literally is all in your head! As soon as you give in to it, that’s it, pain owns you!
Negativity, all in your head! 
We all have choices, its up to us and us alone to choose! 
Lets choose positivity!

Positivity brings so much love and joy with it! People are more attracted to it and life just gets easier! There’s so much I could say about it, a subject I’m very passionate about!
Negativity is a lonely place! 

NOT MANY THINGS TO SAY ABOUT THAT other than, what a long lonely life to live! 


Picture from Pinterest, words my own