It’s not often help is given for free!

Today I hoovered up hundreds of star confetti from my birthday, hoovered dog hair out of the bath & hoovered up all of the tiny stones from the garden that end up in the kitchen!
All of this was after sleeping through half of the day!

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhoto.jpg

I once saw a post on Facebook from someone advertising her time. A lady that loves horses and was looking for horse owners to let her help out at their yard. She offered to groom the horse, exercise it and even do the dirty jobs like muck clean the stable!
Basically she was advertising herself to do the same job as a groom who would cost a whole lot more than she was asking because she was offering to do all the work for free!

Image courtesy of dan at

Why don’t cleaners offer to work for free!
All I ask is for someone to offer to do all of our housework for absolutely no payment because they love doing it so much and can’t get enough of their own!

Image courtesy of radnatt at

Not going to happen is it!
Didn’t think so!

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