Another year older & still smiling!

Well what a wonderful day my Birthday has been!
I’ve been completely spoilt as always by DebbieRahRah!
Had over 100 lovely Birthday messages on facebook alone! – thank you! 
Been given so many beautiful cards & gifts – thank you again!
I got to spend the morning with my Mummy, DebbieRahRah & the kids!
Then it was lunch with my Daddy, Mummy Ju, MegaSpecial Sistaaah Sare from Yorkshire land, her hubby AndyRoo & their Son Lewis and of course not forgetting DebbieRahRah (can’t function without her!)
Back to ours for giggles with DebbieRahRah, Sare, AndyRoo, Lewis, Mummy & my brother.
WhatsApp call with my SistaBlista SkEmily in Texas because Skype wouldn’t work! Good job she has a brain & knows how to use it and press call on WhatsApp because I was starting to go into melt down mode when Skype wouldn’t work!
Then a quick change, apply more makeup & off out again for meal number 2! (I know 😱)

Like i say, an amazing day!
I only wish I could say that my MS didn’t get in the way but to speak the truth my pain has been so much worse than any other day! Because it’s been so full on & busy I didn’t have time to think about my medication other than thinking ‘all I can have is paracetamol because of allergies & normal MS meds’
It wasn’t until I went to get my night time meds that I realised I hadn’t taken ANY of my medication in the morning!

*WARNING – I may be slower than the norm tomorrow*

Photo of a gift card purchased by me

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