Can I start the day again please?


Tadaaaa! Old & new together!

I’d like to start today again if I may? Could I not have MS though because it’s gotten right on my nerves today! It’s really interfered with a happy occasion, that’s what getting a new car is about right?

I know I always appear happy & smiley, that’s what people want to see & hear. I’ve always wanted to be truthful in this blog, don’t get me wrong, I have been. It’s just today I’m not happy but am still smiley! Hard to do but I know a lot of people that do it!

Why aren’t I happy? I’ve just collected a new car, I should be! I should have been excited about it and I was to begin with but, as the day got closer, I began to feel more & more anxious!

This is part of my MS, I don’t cope well with change! I think the reason for this is because my brain has a very hard time taking in & retaining new information. Going from somebody that was once compared to a sponge *soaks up information* to how I am now is very hard to accept!

That is why I wanna start the day again!
I just collected my new car & everything I was told about it just seemed to go straight through my ears! It was if I could feel it happening!
The first time driving an automatic on my own, I kinda needed to retain that information I was given!

I just can’t think straight today, even during pilates I was struggling!
I’m gong to stop giving myself a hard time & just breathe!
It’s not the end of the world!
I shall enjoy my new car, I’ll practise my pilates a little more & I bet you the next time I post a new blog I’ll be all happy again because I am stronger than my MS!

Ever so slightly addicted to Pilates


It’s true, it has to be said, my name is Vix Edwards & I’m a Pilates addict!

I say it out loud but this is nothing I want to fix!


It certainly is!


I look forward to every class, I’m happy to be there.
It challenges me, I challenge myself.
It annoys me, I get frustrated.
I quietly release my tension, I take a breath, I relax & then I’m calm!
This is how Pilates helps me!

When you have found your passion do not let it go! Stick at it, practice more often & reap the bennifits!


Kate, my Pilates instructor is on a well deserved holiday now for 2 weeks so today we had Hannah.
I get on with Hannah really well & love her energy. Her Pilates is different to Kates class but different is good!

My ‘hundred’ was much stronger today, the practicing at home is paying off!


Thank you for today’s class Hannah! I hope u have a wonderful break, you deserve it babe!