That moment when realisation hits you


That moment when realisation hits you!

I suffer such bad anxiety due to my MS & I am now aware how moody I get. Sorry Debbie!

Today at 09:30 I was supposed to exchange my Fiat Panda ‘Po’ of 3 years for my new little Fiat 500 ‘Red’
Yes I have anxiety about it! Not just because I won’t have my Panda any longer but because I am changing from a manual to an automatic! Big deal for me, part of my acceptance of my MS!
I am really looking forward to being able to drive without stalling my car and getting tired because of having to think about so many things at the same time! Part of my anxiety is that I don’t like change!

So at 08:30 I had a phone call from the Fiat garage to say that there was a problem with the ‘motability’ system and I could not collect my car at 09:30

I just called in at the garage as I was on my way to my 11am pilates class. Motability system still not working so no car! 🚗

I shall now be collecting it after my pilates class, at 12:30
I don’t feel as anxious now, just a little nervous about it being an automatic!

Watch this space! 😄

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