Goals are set



I Seriously am feeling so proud of myself!
At home I’ve been practicing different exercises that we do during Pilates, in particular the stretches shown above & today I nailed it!

I managed to hold the stretch on the right (‘Tree’) for nearly 45 seconds & I felt as though I was really strong! The stretch on the left I find difficult to stay strong because I have to switch my focus as I go from ‘tree’ to this one. I managed to hold it for 30 seconds today with a bit of a wobble! Okay, I doubt I looked as elegant as the pictures above but I look better than the very first time I was shown how to do them!

Not only that but I was doing these stretches on a ‘power plate’ this morning and for me, that is impressive!

2015-08-02 17.44.25 2015-08-02 17.45.21
I guess to some it doesn’t seem much doing these stretches but, for me & many MS’rs (people with multiple sclerosis) balance is a major issue. When I started attending the Pilates classes in February I had hardly any balance & very little co-ordination, this is one of my main reasons I started going to Pilates. Since then my core muscles needed for balance have been getting stronger.  

I’m loving seeing the changes in me physically & mentally! 


My body is getting stronger, slimmer and healthier everyday

My Pilates instructor is away now for 2 weeks, when she comes back I’d love for her to see an improvement in my stamina!

Practice, practice, practice until perfect! This is my promise I make to myself!




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