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Today I did my best ever Pilates ‘100’ (top pic) every time I seem to be getting better especially when I do it ‘Hannah style’ (one of my Pilates instructors)
Beating away trying my best to keep count on my last set & our dog decided she wanted a drink, anyone that knows Ollie will also know that she has got to be the messiest dog when it comes to drinking!
I knew it was going to happen, I don’t know why I didn’t move sooner! There I am lying on the kitchen floor, Ollie has a drink of water, walks over to me a drips it all on my face! 😨

Next was ‘The Plank’ (bottom picture) nothing quite as disgusting as above but really annoying for me!
My most impressive FULL Plank ever, yes… FULL PLANK and neither Deb nor me counted how long I held it for!
I’m not talking a record time or anything like that but surely something in the region of a minute which let me tell u,  seriously impressive for me!
*pictures courtesy of google*


Be inspired but not proud — #pilates #pilates4ms #pilateslovers #thisgirlcan #ishapeme #pain #chronicpain #ms #multiplesclerosis #inspiration #proud

Wow! I totally smashed Pilates then! Pain was unbelievable but I pushed through it and achieved so much!
I know it says be inspired which I am but not proud but I really am!

Why does it say ‘not proud’?


Time to get back on it! #SerousFaceIsOn

This is the week I’m going to make all the difference!

Remember it’s not ‘why me’ it’s ‘TRY ME!’
My alarm is set for gym o’clock! #thisgirlcan


Best thing I’ve ever done and believe me it still isn’t easy! I make myself look at me in a mirror 3 times a week! Why? Because I love pilates!
This is so true!…


Had enough of what I saw in that mirror!
No stopping me now until I like what I see again!



If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop reaching for it and I don’t mean the biscuit tin! 😂

Happy funtastic Friday peeps!


Happy funtastic Friday peeps! This is where it begins!

•Back to basics Pilates class with Kate King = Love!
•Collecting MegaSpecial Sistaaah Sarah Hickman & nephew Lewis from train station = More love
•Rugby World Cup starts = Happy
•England v Fiji = Adrenalin

•Shelley’s family fun day at The Weavers Arms, Fillongley in aid of MS-UK = FUN
•Me in the stocks at the event = Arghhhh
•A group of MegaSpecials (MSrs) all meeting together at event = Amazing & dream come true!
•Adam’s 35th birthday party in evening = Shattered me, Sare & Sista Rosemary plus more fun!

•Recover! 😜


MS-UK | Fundraiser of the month

Have u ever heard that saying, ‘proud as punch’ well that’s how u feel right now!

Proud of all my friends that made up team BAM4MSUK because we have been chosen as fundraiser of the month for doing so well in the ‘Color Run’
I know it says my name but it was a team effort! We did it guys! Same next year!?

Click on the link to read my story & stay tuned as I’ll be sharing more about it soon! 😄 🌈



#MyInvisibleFight #invisibleillness #invisiblefight #iiwk15



After seeing the post on Facebook (shown above) I have decided I shall take part & so every time I see a photo opportunity of #MyInvisibleFight I shall post the picture on instagram & here on my blog site which will then share to Facebook & twitter!

If you know me, are close to me & think this will be too upsetting for you then stop reading now.

My intention isn’t to upset people, nor is it to make people feel sorry for me or others with Invisible illnesses. We don’t need a ‘Pity party’ we just want people to understand & realise how hard it can be for us! How incredible we are! How strong we have to be!

To be honest, this is quite a good ‘pick me up’ for me as I often forget the challenges I have & still do overcome!


My first photo is about Pain! We have all felt pain at some point in our lives but most have the pleasure, yes pleasure of that pain being short lived! Have you ever seen pain?
This is the first of #MyInvisibleFight I am never pain free! Some days I ‘cope’ with the pain better than others but that doesn’t mean I’m in less pain! The pain is still the same, it still grinds me down. Like I said, the difference is how I cope with it!

I wake up, I hurt! I need to move, how much will it hurt me to swing my legs out of the bed & sit myself on the edge?
I have to do it, deep breath!
Yeah that hurts! My whole body! Is this what it feels like to have full blown flu? No, it’s worse!

Okay so I’m up & I’m ready
I’m still in as much pain if not more from all of the moving around I’ve been doing but now I’m really focused! It’s time for Pilates! #addict!

It doesn’t end there, when my partner is home from work we then go to the gym for a 30 minute workout!

My pain eases when I exercise! I push myself everyday to do these things because I know that whilst I’m doing them my pain decreases about 10% and afterwards for about 3/4 hours I’m in 50% less pain!

That might not seem much but you tell me when u suffer with chronic pain all day every day if it is worth the push!

The picture below shows it is! Pic to the left was last year…Before pilates, pic to the right was yesterday, 7 months at pilates



May your Friday sparkle

Happy Friday to all those that ‘Friday signifies the eve of 2 days off with your family’

My plans? A nice gentle back to basics Pilates class at lunch time, DebbieRahRah at ‘Donkey derby’ tomorrow & our girly ‘Olivia’ has hydrotherapy Sunday 🐕

Oh & of course visits to the gym when ever we get chance 💪

Have a great weekend folks! ❤

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Good bye wobble, hello balanced life

A brilliant article about MS & balance issues!

Makes me realise how well I am doing in pilates & know that what I’m doing in the gym is paying off!

I never thought I’d see the day that I’d loose my balance! After years of working with horses I had incredible balance! It wasn’t until I broke my leg that my balance started to shake & then my MS saw how funny it is to make me wobble when I walk so messed up my balance!

Well, tongue out to u MS cause yesterday I rocked pilates & the power plate!
Today I shall do it all over again just to prove that I am stronger than my MS, for right now anyway!