It’s going to be a great day!


5 year MS anniversary! Time to celebrate! BOOM!

It’s  going to be a great day!

University hospital Coventry first for my 6 monthly eye check!
This is just routine for me due to my fluctuating vision from my MS. I always have a ‘visual field’ check first which I had last Friday, so today I’ll get the results from that too
I’m not expecting it to show any problems but fingers crossed any way! This is how my MS was detected!

So what else is on the cards for today? Tuesday 11th August… did u mention it’s my 5 year? Surely I didn’t forget!

Pilates today, can’t wait! Seems such a long time because I couldn’t attend Fridays class!
Hannah is covering Kates classes again this week whilst she’s on holiday.
I always enjoy Hannah’s classes, her energy is incredible! She covered Laura’s MS exercise class yesterday & it was great!
I couldn’t resist taking a photo of her when she arrived in her florescent clothes to show off her amazing tan!


So, eye appointment, home to right post about my 5 year (did I mention that?) and then pilates this afternoon!

Bring on pilates!


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