Learning more lessons about myself

​Each of my Yoga practises seems to bring me a new lesson! 

Contrary to belief, Yoga isn’t all about looking amazing in poses or how long you can hold a headstand for. Nope, its what you learn about yourself whilst doing it and believe me, I’m learning a heck of a lot! 

It really is magic! 

Remember… 🐴➡💫yoga💫➡🦄 But also, not every practise makes you feel amazing, some can be very draining, like today! 

Trust the journey! Its not all black & white! Believe in yourself! 

Namasté @louiseavilesyoga 🙏

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Body image struggles

​Sometimes you just gotta get down on your mat! 
My head, my thoughts are in a funny place at the moment, I’m doing my best to stay with my Yoga but its so hard! 
I’m having a lot of body image problems, for instance I wanted to see how I am with my downward-facing dog (Adho Mukha Shvanasana) progress, so did a video, really pleased with the left side of this picture but extremely dislike the right! (Hate is a strong word but…) And its not because I can’t straighten my legs or flatten my feet. 
I know why I’ve started feeling like this again. That’s part of the battle when you don’t know why your thoughts have changed so much after doing so well.
A bump in my road, well, more than a bump, loosing part of our family has literally took me backwards on my ‘better mind journey’ 
I’ll trust this journey for as long as I’m on it because I have never felt so determined!