Patience Victoria!

I keep coming back to this #quote.

Today didn’t turn out quite how I thought it was going to, that’s not a bad thing though, because I have still learnt from it!

I am where I am meant to be right now! 

I realise now that it would be unfair for the next part of my Pilates journey to be through someone else’s misfortune.

If I want to teach, or get the experience, I have to do it by myself! 🤔

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One of the t-shirts I bought today TWO sizes smaller than this time last year!
I think I could actually go another size smaller… THREE sizes smaller than this time last year! Need my personal clothes shopper ‘DebbieRahRah’ to give me here advise before I risk going down to a size 14!
*It’s been 6 years since I was that size! My pre MS diagnosis size!*

Thank you to every one that has supported me & continues to support me on this physically & mentally challenging fitness journey that I’m on!
It doesn’t feel like it or look like it after a lot of the exercise classes I do, especially cardio, that’s the hardest, but I am loving the new energy I have and mostly the new friends we have!

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I’m an endorphin addict!


What an amazing holiday but i must say I have missed pilates this week so much!
I actually had to apologise to DebbieRahRah for my foul mood yesterday afternoon!
I know for sure now that my gentle exercuse routine helps me with my Chronic pain. Because I haven’t done anything  since Tuesday I’m finding it hard to cope with the pain & that makes me moody!

Roll on Tuesdays pilates! Can’t wait to get back to it!



Yesterday was a really busy day for me!

Lots of people chatting with me about the MS news headlines

‘Miraculous Stem cell treatment’

Such brilliant news but I really don’t want people being misguided into thinking its a cure, I’ve attached a link to what the MS Society have to say

Getting the facts behind ‘miraculous’ stem cell treatment headlines



Believe it or not, that’s not my main reason for writing this blog today!


So, I’ll get back to #GOOB

cropped GOOB tag



My day started as normal as any would. Knowing in my mind what I had planned for the day, I sat down with my breakfast and my iPad and started checking my notifications I had received the night before.

The first notification I saw was from a close friend ‘Toni’ telling me to turn ITV on. Then another message came through from my Dad telling me that the ‘Good Morning Britain’ show on ITV were about to interview a lady that had undergone Stem cell treatment for her MS and I should put the TV on. As soon as I read this the home phone started to ring! It was my friend ‘Toni’ checking I had received the message about turning the TV on.

Click on this link to watch the video clip
Good Morning Britain ‘Holly Drewry’ interview about multiple sclerosis stem cell treatment walk

That’s when my day started to get really busy!

Social media sites started to buzz with the talk of this ‘wonder cure’ Friends were asking me about it, I said the same to them as what i started this blog with….

‘Miraculous Stem cell treatment’

Such brilliant news but I really don’t want people being misguided into thinking its a cure, I’ve attached a link to what the MS Society have to say

Getting the facts behind ‘miraculous’ stem cell treatment headlines




I know I have just repeated the article from the beginning of the blog but I do feel this is a very important message to get across.

Another topic that I was involved with on Facebook was about a photo that had been added to the group ‘Nuneaton memories’ It was an old photo of my families health food and ethnic fashion shop ‘Way Of Life’ before the business was sold in 2000.
I’ve decided after seeing all the lovely comments about ‘Way Of Life’ that I am going to start a new project. I’m going to write about the business from when it started as a market stall in the early 80’s to the very last day! If I can find photos then I shall add those as well.
If my long-term memory ever fails me like my short-term does then I’ll have a forever memory in my new project!

It was whilst chatting about the family shop, the MS news and researching it in more depth that I realised the time! 12:15!
I was going back to a Pilates class after not going to it or any other fitness classes including the Gym for over a week due to sickness! You can imagine how excited I was to be able to go back!

12:15 I was still in my PJ’s, hadn’t had any lunch and hadn’t checked through my gym bag to make sure everything was in there that I needed! You know like the important things!
I got myself some lunch and mistakenly continued with the social media conversations! This is always a big mistake as I do tend to get lost in them!

13:00 the phone rang, it was my partner calling me whilst on her lunch as she does everyday. I explained I wasn’t dressed for Pilates & at the same time I looked at the clock, 1pm! It was 1pm and the only thing I had done in 45 minutes was have lunch! Oh dear! This was the time I should have left to make sure I arrived at the leisure centre to meet my friend and be in time for the Pilates class.

Now for anyone that knows me personally you will know how stressed I get when I have to be anywhere for appointments, it’s all down to the time restrictions. This is also the case for classes, so Pilates, I leave early to allow for any traffic delays, Aqua fit is further away so I leave extra early and usually end up sitting in my car for ages!

So imagine how I was! I always say I’m getting ‘in a flap’ Well, if I was in any more of a flap my feet would have left the floor!
I finished the phone call with my partner and rushed around like I was on fire! I always think that the more you rush the slower you are as you make more mistakes! When I’m in a flap I never think to slow down & remember this!

I got my self ready, sorted the dogs and grabbed my gym bag… oh no! My membership card that I need to enter the gym, wasn’t where it normally is! I hadn’t checked when I first got up!
I emptied all my bags & different purses looking for my card. I couldn’t find it anywhere!

13:25 The Pilates class starts at 13:30! I had 5 minutes to get to the leisure centre which is easily a 10 minute drive without traffic! This was so not me! I’m like Sheldon from ‘The Big Bang Theory’ when it comes to situations like this! How could I get there and to the class in time! Knowing it was impossible I still continued to make my way out of our Bungalow!

13:30 It always happens when you’re in a rush, the refuge bin collectors where on their routes which just happened to be the same direction that I was going! Well, if I had no chance of getting there in time 5 minutes ago then I was most definitely going to be late! I remember thinking, what do I do? This was a whole new experience to me, remember ‘I am Sheldon’ shall I pull over & phone the leisure centre so I don’t get charged for not turning up?
I carried on! Again a new experience, not phoning to tell them about my lateness! What a rebel!

13:40 I finally arrived in the leisure centre car park! 10 minutes late! I’m never late for anything! I felt like crying, I was already feeling sensitive because of going down memory lane earlier on with the comments about our old shop.
My friend’s car was there, she must have gone straight in.
I stood at the ticket machine for the car parking & felt my eyes well up! Something incredible happened next, I started to asses the situation. For the first time I actually changed my thoughts from feeling angry with myself to deciding how I could make better this situation. I was definitely too late for the class, I wouldn’t be joining in with Pilates today, that was for sure. I still had to go in to the centre to explain about being late, I had to apologize at the very least plus I needed a new gym card after losing the original! I may even have to pay for the session (I am a member so the cost of session is all in with my monthly charge. Unless you fail to attend the class without warning)
Decided then, I would go inside! I got my car park ticket and made my way into the centre all the time thinking about

13:45 Yep I really was late, I explained to the lady at reception that I was late and I needed a new card. She offered for me to carry on into the class at which I declined, the class was by now 15  minutes into the session. Me walking in so late would have been very distracting, something I know I wouldn’t appreciate if it happened to me.
The receptionist said I wouldn’t have to pay and she didn’t charge me for a new card either *hush-hush*


This is when #GOOB happened!




I thanked the lady on reception, what a lovely kind thing to do for me. I then asked her if the card was active? It was, perfect!

I then made my way up the stairs and into the changing room to put my bag in a locker. I then left the changing room, straight past the dance hall where Pilates was and into the gym!
I spent 45 minutes in the gym working on my balance and then made my way back to my car where I sat and waited for my friend to come out.

When I saw ‘Mummy Crispie’ walk towards the car, the look on her face was just brilliant! She was obviously confused about why I was sitting in my car and hadn’t gone into Pilates. I explained everything to her and we sat chatting for at least 20-30 minutes. When I say we ‘sat chatting’, Crispie was in her car with window down & I was in my car with window down of course. This really tickled me and kept me smiling during the journey home.
(Crispie is a nickname for my friend Christine who I have known since I was 4! She is my best friends Mum!)

Crispie seemed really impressed when I told her I went into the gym instead. I felt really proud of myself!

This was definitely my #GOOB! Making Good Out Of Bad!






Thank you for reminding me that it only takes a small change to the way you think to make

good out of a bad moment







Here are some visuals from the web page that I really like and help me to stay positive…

Just change the Yoga for Pilates and this is perfect for me!

I have done this but i think I may to look at it again, maybe that way I won’t be late in future! aims to create a positive, enabling community for MSers which empowers them to acknowledge their MS, rethink how to achieve their ambitions and get on with their lives.