Tried something different tonight!

Body Combat with Gill Cathcart!

Was it a good class?
Let’s do my Multiple Sclerosis symptom check list…

•Unable to control temperature? Yep ✔
•Hearing gone? Yep ✔
•Blurred vision? Yep ✔
•Spazzy legs? Yep ✔
•Slurred speech? Yep ✔
•Pins & needles in hands & feet? Yep ✔
•Numbness in my thighs? Yep ✔

Did I enjoy it? Loved it ✔✔✔
Will I go again? Yep ✔✔✔

Am I crazy? Well you all know the answer to that! ✔✔✔✔✔

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Look at my face MS, do I look as if I care!

Fight Klub is intense & I love it!

So I can hardly breathe after & it takes me over 30 minutes to cool down to a safe temperature when we finish, do I care? Errr, No!

Three little words for you…



Journey to a fitter, better me to handle my MS

Ok so, I started my fitness kick by going to Aqua Fit!
A brilliant way to exercise if you can’t do much on dry land because the water aids by taking away the stress of gravity!

Once I gained confidence with Aqua Fit and felt the need to go on to something else my Physiotherapist referred me to the gym for a set program.
I loved it! I was going every morning for 5 days a week! After a few months I realised that going all those days without a break in between was a little adventurous! I started going less because I wanted to continue going to Aqua Fit! 

I then went on to try Pilates (for the 2nd time, a different type of pilates! 1st time was Pilates for Pregnancy which I didn’t realise until I arrived in the class and so didn’t need it! 😱😂)
As most know I have been going to 3 classes a week for nearly a year now. It would be easy to say that it’s my passion!
Last week I even had my first 1-1 private Pilates at home, it was completely different to a group class because it was tailored especially for me! I even thought it was better than an appointment with my Neuro Physiotherapist! I was that impressed that I booked another 1-1 and i intend to continue with it!
I loved Pilates that much that I stopped going to Aqua Fit and reduced the amount of time in spent in the gym.

At the beginning of this year I started going to another class with my partner called ‘Fight Klub’

“FIGHT KLUB® is the high intensity fun workout that makes getting in shape an addiction. Set to music, the program is a combination of boxing, kick boxing and dance.
FIGHT KLUB® is a workout built around a freestanding professional grade punch bag using simple combinations of kicks and punches whilst keeping time with the high energy beat.” (Taken from the Fight Klub website)

Yes Fight Klub is high intensity which is why I don’t go as often as I’d like to! It’s hard work but it’s seriously exhilarating! As soon as my adrenaline kicks in I forget about the Chronic pain I suffer 24/7!
I might not be able to do all of the exercises the same as everyone else but I still do them, just in a different way!
I have to start my cool down before everyone else because my body doesn’t cool my core temperature down quick enough! I’m not sure if this is to do with my MS or my Fibromyalgia. Maybe it’s just an anomaly, who knows! All I know is that if I don’t cool my self down quickly by pouring cold water down my neck then I pass out!
Yes that part scares me but I love the class that much, I still go back! Just not too often!

This next video is something else that I really want to try! I haven’t the strength yet, well, I don’t think I do!
I don’t know anyone at my local leisure centre that offers guidance with this alone and I’m too nervous to just have a go!

It still surprises me every day how much I am loving this new me!

Click here to see what else I want to try!

MS, you will never beat me! #thisgirlcan #ishapeme #megaspecialme #MS

Our new favourite class! Fight Klub!
Absolutely amazing!
Photo taken just before I went off and poured half a litre of water over my head to cool down!
MS you can try and stop me from doing things I enjoy, I’ll find a way around it, you will never beat me!


My friend, pilates instructor and now also our fight klub instructor Hannah Bailey at the front.
Me and my partner at the back right, Deb in blue and me to the left of her!

Paingry – when your in so much pain you feel angry!

What to do when your Paingry – when your in so much pain you feel angry!

I want to scream so loud my throat hurts, I want to cry so much that I run out of tears!
Crying makes me angry, I try not to cry! I don’t like to feel angry! I’ve felt enough anger in my teenage years, I don’t want to feel like that again!
I need to get this feeling out of me!

It hurts so much to move though, every twist or turn of my body. Every step I take, one step out, leaning forward on that leg before I put my next leg down. The pain that shoots from my back, into my bottom and down my leg. Repeat that motion as I take one more step, the same pain on the other side now!

It’s too much, I need my appointment! Please let me have my appointment date in the post tomorrow! It’s been 2 weeks, I need that appointment!

I’m angry, this pain makes me angry! I’ve done nothing wrong to deserve this!

I don’t want to be angry! I need to let it out! I need to go to Fight Klub!



What’s that? You think I can’t do Fight Klub because I’m disabled!
Think again! No boundaries!

Adrenalin takes over, the pain is forgotten, I punch the bag! 👊 💥

In this time I know not of this disease inside me that no one can see.
I feel like I’m free!
Don’t stop me!

I need water, pour it over me
I’m too hot, I can’t see
So this is what happens when I want to feel free!
This is what I put my body through just to be me!

I’m dedicated and I’m on it!

I’m wondering how dedicated I actually am to pilates!
I’m so tired, It’s so cold outside, I’m in so much pain and the cold is only going to make that worse! Gahhh!


Ok, thought about it, weighed up the pros & cons!
11am Pilates, Hannah Bailey be ready for me girly!






One tough cookie!


Well 5 years since diagnosis & the pain has only gotten worse! I don’t think it’s gonna end yet!
Dig in deep girly, we’re in this for the long haul!


Thank gawd I am strong! This is hard!


Good job I got the tough cookie genes!