MS Exercise class

Today I went to an exercise class purely for people that have MS. This class is funded and run by the MS Society at my local Leisure Centre. It’s on twice a month and I go to it whenever I possibly can.
I’ve been going to these classes on and off since the summer. They are challenging, tiring and great fun!
The class is taught by Laura, a wonderful fitness instructor I know from a class called ‘Forever fit’. This class is for seniors and is on after the Pilates class I attend on a Wednesday.
All of the exercises in the MS class are done whilst sitting down, which means that everyone can take part, no one is excluded from these classes!

Who’d have thought marching your legs and lifting light weights with opposite arms at the same time would be so confusing!
Who’d have thought lifting your legs whilst tapping your feet forwards, centre, back, opposite leg and repeat would be so confusing!
It’s like patting your head with one hand and rubbing your tummy with the other! The brain has to do two things at the same time with both hands, you have to really concentrate.

So let’s now imagine everyone in the room is tapping the floor with their feet at the same time, great!
But then…
What, what, someone is out of time! Now I’m getting confused because the beat is changing. It was then that I realised the lady wasn’t tapping out of time but her right leg had started to tremor and was tapping uncontrollably. Now everyone had lost their concentration, we all started to laugh as the lady with the tremor tried to control it!

It’s moments like those that are priceless, when a group of people all with the same debilitating disease can laugh at it. When we see the funny side to our ‘uniquely different’ debilitating disease!
This is where my other saying for ‘MS’ comes from, ‘ManySmiles’
If you know anyone with MS (if you have MS yourself you’ll ‘get this’), take notice next time you are in the company of these wonderfully MegaSpecial people. See how much they smile! Hear how much they laugh! Then notice that it’s normally at ourselves!


I had a lovely card off one of the ladies at the exercise class today, unfortunately it’s in the car and with the temperature somewhere near 0°c I’ll leave it there and share it with you tomorrow! All I’ll say is, it’s beautiful! Its so lovely that I needed to hug her directly after reading it!


That was my workout done for the day!
Deb got home from work at 17:45 had a cup of tea and went off to the gym! What a difference in us both!

1: We now exercise regularly
2: We eat healthily
3: I only did one work out today!

Yep! What a difference! I hung up my Wonderwoman suit! I said to myself (and Deb of course) when we got back from our lovely holiday that it was definitely time for me to apply the brakes, so that is exactly what I have been doing! And I feel proud for doing it! I hurt more because the hormones released when exercising help me manage my pain but, I feel proud!


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