Still kicking & punching! #mswonttakemelyingdown #ms #blog #pain #fatigue

I love holidays! Didn’t wake until 10am! Brucey Bonus! Especially for my DebbieRahRah who was literally kicked outta bed the night before!
I knew there was something I was supposed to talk with my Dr about! Oopsy!


Poor Deb gets kicked or punched most nights making it impossible for her to sleep next to me! She never complains, she just sleeps on the sofa!
I’m so lucky she is so understanding!


As for me, all that kicking and punching means I wake up in more pain than usual and three times the amount of fatigue as normal!


Luckily I get to go to a wonderful pilates class! The only one this week which is such a shame but if I at to go to ‘Fight Klub’ and have lunch with friends I have to forfeit 2 pilates classes! Eik!

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