Paingry – when your in so much pain you feel angry!

What to do when your Paingry – when your in so much pain you feel angry!

I want to scream so loud my throat hurts, I want to cry so much that I run out of tears!
Crying makes me angry, I try not to cry! I don’t like to feel angry! I’ve felt enough anger in my teenage years, I don’t want to feel like that again!
I need to get this feeling out of me!

It hurts so much to move though, every twist or turn of my body. Every step I take, one step out, leaning forward on that leg before I put my next leg down. The pain that shoots from my back, into my bottom and down my leg. Repeat that motion as I take one more step, the same pain on the other side now!

It’s too much, I need my appointment! Please let me have my appointment date in the post tomorrow! It’s been 2 weeks, I need that appointment!

I’m angry, this pain makes me angry! I’ve done nothing wrong to deserve this!

I don’t want to be angry! I need to let it out! I need to go to Fight Klub!



What’s that? You think I can’t do Fight Klub because I’m disabled!
Think again! No boundaries!

Adrenalin takes over, the pain is forgotten, I punch the bag! 👊 💥

In this time I know not of this disease inside me that no one can see.
I feel like I’m free!
Don’t stop me!

I need water, pour it over me
I’m too hot, I can’t see
So this is what happens when I want to feel free!
This is what I put my body through just to be me!

3 thoughts on “Paingry – when your in so much pain you feel angry!

    1. Thanks hun, really nice of you to tag me into your blog!
      Fight Klub is very new to me and I am loving it although after I do tend to nearly pass out!

      My main escapisms are Pilates and the gym! I hope to start practicing yoga soon to. I wanted to start with Pilates to help strengthen my core, a must for every MSr and it’s working!


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