+jLooking good girly!

Had a really good short weights & yoga home workout today, but the pain is so real! 
Trying so hard to focus on the present and not the past! 

This journey is for now, I wasn’t ready to be on it years ago!
Positive note: when I watched the video back for the first time in a long time, I thought to myself “damn, you look GOOD!” 

Yasss! Health coach high! 💚 

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MS people are some strong mother fkers

5:45am and I’ve already been fully awake for an hour and half, to say I #slept much last night would be an #overstatement! 

#Coughing, #spluttering, #sneezing, #backfiring, it was all going on! At 2am I thought it was 5am! 4am Deb asked if I wanted a #drink, I declined as I had already decided to move my body to the lounge! Poor Deb needs her #sleep and so I left her in #peace!
Thanks to my #MS, sleep just isn’t working so well lately! I don’t remember the last time I slept past 5am without unbroken sleep, and many trips to the #toilet! More of that coming up in my latest #blog! 
If its not my #MSbladder playing up, its a #headcold & a nasty one at that! 

#Grittyeyes, #burningfizzingnose, #leakingnose, #razorblades in my throat, #tonsils that feel the size of #golfballs and my #chest is on fire every time I attempt to #cough! 
I remember when a #cold was just a cold but now they take a whole new meaning and deserve a name far worse! 

Its understandable why they are so much worse for us when our (MSrs) #immunesystem #attacks itself on a daily basis! Its like it has far better things to do than fight off a pesky cold, like attack the protective #coating that covers our #nervefibres, causing signals sent from your #brain through our #bodies to be incorrect! 

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Having a head cold when your immune system is already attacking itself!

​Its a Pajamas all day and Netflix kinda day! 
Thoughts come before action, but this time my body has to come first! 
Yoga is teaching me to take better care of myself! Even if it means cancelling favourite classes because I need to reserve my energy! 

I always forget that even the tiniest head cold can have major impact when you have a chronic illness where your immune system attacks itself on a daily basis!
Hoping the more I rest, the quicker I can shift this head cold. Woke up this morning feeling like my tonsils have taken over my throat! 
Looking forward to my poorly wifey getting home from work so we can netflix and chill together until Tuesday! 😍

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September sun

​True story! 

20°c is always going to be tropical to me! 

Don’t get me wrong, I love to see the sun! Who doesn’t! Its one of those enigmas in life, people are happier when its sunny (unless your a vampire, then that’s just unfortunate! Move to Forks, Washington,USA! I hear its nearly always cloudy there!) 

Like i was saying, I’m happy to see the sun, as long as i can stay cool & its not humid! It’s the humidity that’s the hardest to combat for us MSrs, staying cool can be achieved a number of ways but how do you combat humidity? Answers on a postcard 🤔😉

Make peace with Yoga

​Yoga in the sunshine, don’t mind if I do!

My last yoga practice on Saturday was not a good one, unfortunately I was in too much pain & I just couldn’t concentrate on anything else! Tbh, I could have quite happily gathered my belongings and walked out of the class! I didn’t though & for that I’m incredibly proud of myself! 

Hoping to make peace with yoga tonight! 

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Body image struggles

​Sometimes you just gotta get down on your mat! 
My head, my thoughts are in a funny place at the moment, I’m doing my best to stay with my Yoga but its so hard! 
I’m having a lot of body image problems, for instance I wanted to see how I am with my downward-facing dog (Adho Mukha Shvanasana) progress, so did a video, really pleased with the left side of this picture but extremely dislike the right! (Hate is a strong word but…) And its not because I can’t straighten my legs or flatten my feet. 
I know why I’ve started feeling like this again. That’s part of the battle when you don’t know why your thoughts have changed so much after doing so well.
A bump in my road, well, more than a bump, loosing part of our family has literally took me backwards on my ‘better mind journey’ 
I’ll trust this journey for as long as I’m on it because I have never felt so determined!

I’m back!

​Another beautiful day, I’m up, medicated, showered, dressed AND today not only do i have make up on but I’m going out! 

Yes, I’m ready to face the world, ready to look life in the face & say move over bitch I’m coming through!

I’m back & I’m on it! 👊💥


And yet somehow I still keep going! #MS #mspain #nervepain #nevergivein #thisgirlcan #ishapeme #megaspecialme #MegaSpecial #multiplesclerosis #inspiration

And yet somehow I still keep going!
#MS #mspain #nervepain #nevergivein #thisgirlcan #ishapeme #megaspecialme #MegaSpecial #multiplesclerosis #inspiration