MS people are some strong mother fkers

5:45am and I’ve already been fully awake for an hour and half, to say I #slept much last night would be an #overstatement! 

#Coughing, #spluttering, #sneezing, #backfiring, it was all going on! At 2am I thought it was 5am! 4am Deb asked if I wanted a #drink, I declined as I had already decided to move my body to the lounge! Poor Deb needs her #sleep and so I left her in #peace!
Thanks to my #MS, sleep just isn’t working so well lately! I don’t remember the last time I slept past 5am without unbroken sleep, and many trips to the #toilet! More of that coming up in my latest #blog! 
If its not my #MSbladder playing up, its a #headcold & a nasty one at that! 

#Grittyeyes, #burningfizzingnose, #leakingnose, #razorblades in my throat, #tonsils that feel the size of #golfballs and my #chest is on fire every time I attempt to #cough! 
I remember when a #cold was just a cold but now they take a whole new meaning and deserve a name far worse! 

Its understandable why they are so much worse for us when our (MSrs) #immunesystem #attacks itself on a daily basis! Its like it has far better things to do than fight off a pesky cold, like attack the protective #coating that covers our #nervefibres, causing signals sent from your #brain through our #bodies to be incorrect! 

Picture shared via Pinterest, words are my own

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