How do I stay positive?

“When people ask me why am I so positive, I simply reply why not?” – Vix Edwards

  • I try to lift weights once a week
  • I try to practice Pilates 3 times a week
  • I try to practice Yoga almost everyday

I also have ms every single day but i don’t have to try with that one!
MS isn’t easy, there’s something different every day, but this doesn’t stop me living my life the fullest that I can!
I do my best to stay positive, which is where my exercise comes into play. 

Negativity is soul draining and exceptionally hard for me to get out of when it has me! I should imagine this is the same for anyone that has ever had a low mood day!
Imagine a tree, at the top of it is where the positivity is & this is where I aim to start my day! 

Lets say I wake up and its a beautiful day, sun shining, birds are singing, and I’m at the highest point of my positivity.

I sit up in bed and as I move my legs, my right leg is a little stiff. Hmm, that’s ok, I can handle that, except for when I start to walk out of the bedroom and I have to drag my leg, this knocks me down in my positivity.

So now, I’m no longer at the top of the tree. Now I’m on the branch below where I started, but thats ok, because I was at the top when I started my day, I am still closer to being at my most positive than my most negative & because I try to always see the positive in things, I should be able to get back to the top fairly quickly.
Remember though, I said this isn’t easy! Sometimes we come across things in life that will test us, sometimes we think we are going to break and never be the same person ever again. I’ve been there! Not just with my health, so I know how hard positivity can be, I’m not the same person, no, I use these experience’s as lessons and I grow from them!

When there’s only 2 choice’s, positivity & negaticity, I know which one I’d rather make! 

“Train your mind to see the good in everything. Positivity is a choice. The happiness of your life depends on your thoughts.” – Marcandangel 

Photo is by myself as are the words!

Yoga workshop #2

Excited & anxious all at the same time! This morning I am off to my 2nd Yoga workshop, this time it’s with another of my beautiful Yoga teachers, Denise – @smallworldyogi! 
I really am amazing myself with how far I’ve come on this journey, not just my Yoga journey but my life journey! Thanks to my yoga I am more open to learning new things about myself, my confidence to travel further and go to new places on my own has to be one of the most noticeable things for me! I would never have even dreamt of doing this a year ago! 
From reading that, you might be wondering “travel further, where is she going for this workshop?”

Well, its only just over 6 miles away but its an area I’m not used to driving to and last time me & my yoga bestie attempted to go to Denise’s class, we got lost! 

So, because of that, and because I’ll be on my own, I’ve given myself added pressure and anxiety where it isn’t needed! 

I could ask for my DebbieRahRah to take me but this is something I have to do and I can do it! 

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My agony weekend *Monday*

Wifey has been such a star all weekend, giving me the strength and courage to eat! 

Look at what she made me today, an open top chicken salad sandwich, with gluten free bread! 
I know it may sound odd that she’s giving me strength and courage to eat, but when you’ve been in as much pain when ur stomach is trying to digest food, sometimes it seems easier to not eat! 
That’s what happened to me 15 years ago! The exact same symptoms, except I didn’t eat for 6 weeks? I was so shocked when they told me I had a stomach ulcer, even though test results were in conclusive! 
I’m still not right but at least I’m eating & its good food! 

I’m not in as much pain as I was either! That’s the best part for me! 

Going to carry on taking it easy, unfortunately that means I haven’t had my endorphin fix since Friday, but I’ll get over it! 
I do still plan on a nice Chi Yoga class on Wednesday then resting again! 

Onwards and Upwards! I have got this, I may not have control over my health but I have control over how I handle it! 

My agony weekend *Sunday*

Ok, so, although I’m feeling better in myself after eating a small plate of Sweet Potato chips cooked with Coconut oil last night, and not feeling too much pain in my stomach after, I’m still not ‘right’!

I’ve just had a lovely shower and got my Comfy clothes on, but as soon as my bra went on, it came straight back off! 

The pain around my stomach (organ, not area πŸ˜‰) is so bad! 

This is the same symptom I had around 15 years ago when I couldn’t eat for 6 weeks because digesting food was too painful! 

Fingers crossed I’m ok after my dinner today! 

Is this MS, Fibromyalgia or something totally different? 

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My agony weekend *Saturday*

Yoga 1-1 cancelled! Sleep to catch up on! 

Slept well into lunch time!…
Well, I not only made it from the bed to the sofa, but I made a smoothie in between! 
At least this isn’t causing me any pain yet! 

The first little bit of goodness inside me since 6am yesterday! That’s excluding the jelly I managed to eat with no pain! πŸ˜‰
Hard to believe that MS can cause so much havoc to the body! 
I shall be resting now, need to be in optimum condition in preparation for my birthday weekend that starts on Thursday! πŸŽ‰

Picture is my own, as are the words used!

And so the adventure begins…

​”And so the adventure begins”
Well hello 2017! What fun shall we have this year then? 

Looking forward to it! More Yoga, more Pilates, more blogging, more art, more sharing, more caring, more positivity, more mindfulness, more learning, more working on self love!

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MS messed with the wrong girl

​My post-fight klub picture with my DebbieRahRah to the left & Laura to the right! 

Amazing, hot, sweaty class last night! 

*tank top reads “MS messed with the wrong girl* HA! Didn’t it just!