You are amazing, remember that!

That’s a first!

Walk into shop to have a browse at some clothes. I don’t normally look at clothes on my own, I’m normally in my wheelchair because clothes shopping in particular can be very draining!
Came over with a feeling of major depression when i saw how tiny the clothes that I used to wear are!
Turned around and walked out!
Need some new make-up so went into Boots, walked towards make-up isles decided actually, I didn’t have the energy so turned around and walked out!

Major bummer!

Hope everyone else is having a better day than me!
Just one appointment this afternoon and then I’m going home to cuddle our furbabies!

Just goes to prove that we can’t always have all good days straight each other and also for me to remember that just coming out to the retail park is far better than what I would have done 2 years ago!


2 thoughts on “You are amazing, remember that!

    1. Oh thanks hun! That’s so lovely to read! My blog is always so quiet it’s like I’m just randomly keeping notes of my life 😉


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