#blog — It’s a better day! — #MS #positivevibes #strongerthanMS

It’s a better day!
Thumbs up from eye hospital & discharged! Booyahhh!
Just gotta have my normal vision check next week at normal opticians, possible new prescription for right eye which is the one that I’ve had Optic Neuritis (inflammation to the optic nerve) 3x according to their computers.
Ophthalmologist told me again my vision will never get better in my Right eye, I will always have a loss of contrast in it and would I like some IV (intravenous) steroids? Yes u read that right!!!
Oh and to the lady that jumped the car park pay machine que, was it really worth it? I mean, how much quicker did it get you? Well it didn’t did it, the rotating door made sure of that for you when u tried to exit the building! Whoops!

Happy Friday!



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