Beat my alarm

Please sleep fairies, make sure I hear my alarm clock in the morning. It’s been such a long time since I have been to the gym and I would really like to go, early, before anyone else!


My alarms are set! The dreaded alarms! I just don’t hear them! Honestly I don’t,  we’ve had people stop before that ask me why I don’t get up when my alarm goes off or at least just turn it off! Well there is a simple reason, I don’t hear them!
I have to rely on my partner to wake me when my alarms go off! That’s no easy task, apparently I can be really nasty & conveniently I don’t have any recollection of it! Some people would think I just say that but I really don’t! 


I believe this is true, which for me means that looking in the mirror at myself must be the hardest thing in the world!
Well it is one of them for sure but I know there is harder for me! I’ll explain more about this in another blog!


I totally intend on waking up & being awesome from the start!
Like I said, it’s been too long since I went to the gym! If I want to continue toning my body then I have to get back to the gym!
The alarm is set! I will hear it! I will get up!


Looking forward to it! It’s late now, only 6 hours until that pesky alarm I’d due to scream!
Let’s do this!


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