I don’t want Alarms to wake me!

Nooooooo! Back to Alarms waking us up tomorrow then! 😠
It’s been a lovely 10 days of DebbieRahRah at home! We both wish it could last longer but keeping Fugly (our bungalow) isn’t free & due to me being unable to work…

She’s such a good un! 

Me however, what little sleep I get & how much I kick and punch her in the night I don’t know how she wakes me! Unless it’s for the gym of course!
I just want to remind people that I don’t punch and kick my wife for fun! In fact I have no control and no memory of it! It doesn’t wake me, I only know when I wake in the morning and she’s slept on the sofa!

No gym for me in the morning, I think in fact my appointment tomorrow is much better! I know, I know, is that possible I hear you cry!?
Yes it is… because I’m off to see a man about some pain relief! Yep, that day is finally here! Time to find out what Mr Pain clinic man can do for my back this time!…



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