Sunday we love you!

​First day of our weekend!
Oh how we love Sundays! Deb has chosen the Namaste-in-bed approach where as i decided to go for the morning Yoga, where I got totally attacked with love and distraction by wonderful Walter Whippet

I gracefully gave in with my Yoga practice and gave the boy some loving back! After all, Sunday is for the fambam right!

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Take a moment and remember what we are living for 

Do you know those days that you have when they just turn out to be so much fun? That was our morning/afternoon when Sarah & I went along to my most favourite Pilates instructor Kate’s class, followed by a lovely pot of tea & a spot of lunch at our favourite eatery with Kate. What made it even more special was DebbieRahRah & the kids being there!

This is what life is about, making memories & capturing them so that if my MS continues to steal my memory I will always have these photos to look back on! 

We all have such busy lives, sometimes we just need to take a moment, forget about the dirty dishes, get with your peoples and remember what we are living for! 

For me it’s laughter, good food and wonderful people! 

So many attempts to get a nice selfie, every picture tells a story

Rock, roll & wide awake!

Well, my wifey fell asleep on the sofa at 8:15pm! I had to sort the kids (🐕🐕) believe me, that’s a mission!  Make sure said wife took her meds after I found her catching flies slumped on one of the tub chairs in the kithen! Help her out of her onesie, never an easy mission!
Go round the bungalow making sure it’s all locked up, go around once more… u never know!
Sort myself out, meds, pjs etc. Check the doors where locked, I’d forgotten I’d already done it twice!
In bed before 9pm… BOOM! Rock, roll & wide awake!

Now who’s the one with MS! 😜

May your Friday sparkle

Happy Friday to all those that ‘Friday signifies the eve of 2 days off with your family’

My plans? A nice gentle back to basics Pilates class at lunch time, DebbieRahRah at ‘Donkey derby’ tomorrow & our girly ‘Olivia’ has hydrotherapy Sunday 🐕

Oh & of course visits to the gym when ever we get chance 💪

Have a great weekend folks! ❤

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Happy Friday happy holiday!


It’s not only the lead up to the weekend, it’s the lead up to our holiday!

Yeah! Brink it on! It’s a holiday that’s gonna be packed full of wonderful things as well!

Here’s what’s planned:

•Monday – Falconry experience, Vix birthday gift from Toni
•Wednesday – Feeding giraffes, Deb birthday  gift from Toni
•Friday – Falconry experience, Vix birthday gift from Mummy
•Sunday – Cream tea at Stoneleigh Hall, Deb birthday gift from my Mummy

Roll on when Deb finishes work! I’m not gonna say a time! I’m expecting her to be late so I’ll just have to be patient!

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