Practicing Pilates at home can have its downsides #pilates #pilates4ms #pilateslovers #ms #spms #multiplesclerosis #thisgirlcan #ishapeme

Today I did my best ever Pilates ‘100’ (top pic) every time I seem to be getting better especially when I do it ‘Hannah style’ (one of my Pilates instructors)
Beating away trying my best to keep count on my last set & our dog decided she wanted a drink, anyone that knows Ollie will also know that she has got to be the messiest dog when it comes to drinking!
I knew it was going to happen, I don’t know why I didn’t move sooner! There I am lying on the kitchen floor, Ollie has a drink of water, walks over to me a drips it all on my face! 😨

Next was ‘The Plank’ (bottom picture) nothing quite as disgusting as above but really annoying for me!
My most impressive FULL Plank ever, yes… FULL PLANK and neither Deb nor me counted how long I held it for!
I’m not talking a record time or anything like that but surely something in the region of a minute which let me tell u,  seriously impressive for me!
*pictures courtesy of google*


When the right pain comes I smile #MS #multiplesclerosis #nervepain #nervedamage #painforgain #strongerthanMS #thismegaspecialrocks #thisgirlcan #ishapeme #MegaSpecial

I’m sure this is referring to pain for gain because the pain I feel right now is not making me smile!

Check list…

•Heavy lifeless legs ✔
•Extreme relentless pain for no good reason ✔
•deep burning like my thighs are in a furness ✔

Yep, must be MS! 😩
Bring on tomorrow’s Pilates! Pain for a reason! 👌👍👏