Day 7 and the final day of the #7DaysOfSelfLove challenge with @iammelwells…’Celebrate yourself’

Day 7 and the final day of the #7DaysOfSelfLove challenge with @iammelwells…

‘Celebrate yourself’
So late doing this one because, well, its been a tough old day! I got through it though! #proud
“Im celebrating myself because…”
I am strong, determined, kind, generous, thoughtful, loving, positive, passionate, caring, inspiring, driven, but most of all, I AM BEAUTIFUL! INSIDE AND OUT! ๐Ÿ’—
I have absolutely loved doing this again & have learnt even more about myself than last time I did it! 

Its been super great to have the support of all the other goddesses also taking part in this challenge! 
If you don’t already practice self love, I thoroughly recommend it! We all should love ourselves more! #preach
Thank you once again Melissa Wells for the wonderful opportunity to reflect on who I truly am once more! Look forward to the next one! 

Photo is my own as are the words written

โ€‹Day 6 #7DaysOfSelfLove challenge with @iammelwells’Accept compliments’

โ€‹Day 6 #7DaysOfSelfLove challenge with @iammelwells

‘Accept compliments’
The first challenge today is to finish this sentence…

‘My favourite compliment to receive is…’

… My strength and growth on my continuing journey of bettering myself! 

Its also lovely to know that I am inspiring others as well! 
Today’s compliment comes courtesy of my beautifulโ€‹ yoga teacher & health coach @louiseavilesyoga

Thank you Louise! 
It has also come at a vital time & links in with the video part of day 6, ‘Training your inner self talk’ 

I must start trusting my yoga journey, stay patient and stop comparing because this is my journey, no one else’s! 

Moving forward

โ€‹With lovely memories of 2016, there’s also some heartbreaking ones to! 
I wish every single one of you the strength to learn from this year and to accept what was.
Always be there for one another, keep creating, travel often, love fully, give thanks, dream big, work hard, take risks, stay humble and most importantly… Stay you!

Meme shared via Pinterest, words are my own

Just let go and enjoy yourself!

Loving the changes in me that I’m seeing and feeling! A more relaxed, happier me! When being sporadic isn’t something to be scared of! When just saying yes can mean you have an incredible night! Don’t be frightened of events that you create in your own mind! Just let go and enjoy yourself! 

selfie taken by me!

Where I am, right now, is where I’m meant to be!ย 

I truly believe that I am in the right place, the path my fitness journey is taking me down has crossed paths with a spiritual side of me that has been suppressed for a long time! I have waited to be here for too long, well now the wait is over! 

Let the learning and practising begin! 

picture shared via ‘Lessons learned in life’ page on Facebook

The White Room #MS #decorating #determination #blog

It’s been a great week even if it was hard work! All totally worth it!

Countless cups of tea for the hard worker, countless ending up down the sink too as I continually kept forgetting I’d left the tea bag in the mug brewing! Derrr!

I’ve done the best I could whilst also going to my MS exercise class & Pilates yesterday!
I helped wash down the skirting boards, cleaned the radiator, helped paper the one wall, tidying tidying & more tidying! And finally today the carpet was fitted and we got to do the best bit… dress the room!

DebbieRahRah has worked liked a trogen! She is amazing! Has had a week off work and decided to spend the time on what used to be called ‘The Elephant Room’
It’s new name… ‘The White Room’

I’m so lucky to have my DebbieRahRah who has now gone off to her 2nd Fight Klub class of the week!
I was supposed to go with her tonight but with a combination of Lisa Balderdashandpiffle Perry’s Pilates yesterday and working extremely hard today I’m in too much pain to go and the fact that I’m having to hold on to furniture as I move around the bungalow says to me I definitely shouldn’t go!

Feeling proud of myself for not going! When you have my sheer will and determination it’s damn hard to say no to such an amazing drug that is ‘Hannah Bailey’s Fight Klub’

From this
To this!

I am a strong woman

I am a strong woman!
I don’t sit around feeling sorry for myself, nor let people mistreat me.
I don’t reaping to people who dictate to me or try to bring me down. If I fall I will rise up even stronger becasue I am a survivor not a victim.
I am in control of my life and there is nothing I can’t achieve!



This is funny!
So my dominant strength is intelligence? My brain may work diligently and be keen to learn new things so that every topic can be thoroughly explored but,
1: I had to look up what ‘diligently’ means
2: I learn new things and forget to retain that new information
3: What does diligently mean? I must find that out, bare with…..
4: What was I doing?