20th July 2017 Oxygen Therapy #14

I’m so happy! I’ve just been for my 14th session in my intensive oxygen therapy.
Whilst I was at the centre, I spoke to Mandy the fundraising manager, about raising funds for my oxygen mask. I explained that, because I had already raised enough money for my oxygen mask, I wanted to donate the rest to the therapy centre.
Mandy explained to me that for every £45 that I raise (over the cost of my mask) I could have one oxygen treatment or any other that they offer there!
So, if people keep donating for this amazing cause, you will also be helping me to continue having treatment!

Thank you again, keep sharing this & lets see how much we can raise!
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28th June 2017 – Oxygen Therapy #5

Oxygen therapy went really well, 

It appeared I was going to be all alone today, I was a little nervous about that, nothing like how I expect I would have been years ago though! Winning with my anxiety! 

My first thought… ‘I can take some pics of the smaller chamber I’m in Tuesdays & Wednesdays’….

Like I said, wasn’t as nervous as I would have been years ago!

The small oxygen chamber at Mercia MS Therapy Centre
Enough space for a wheelchair
Seat and masks
Not by myself in here, surely not!

Darth Vader or Top Gun?

As always, comments and questions are welcome! 

Are you thinking of trying oxygen therapy to help you with your MS or any other condition?

Share with me! I’d also love to here about your experience of this treatment.
Much love, Vix

27th June 2017 – Oxygen therapy #4

I really can not express how incredible this feeling is! I need to find a good example of what cog fog (aka brain fog) feels like to give you an idea of every hour, every day, of my life…

So here are some  amazing interpretations of brain fog from the website themighty.com

1. “My mind feels as slow and achy as my body, struggling to take each step.” — Barb Silvestro
2. “Imagine not sleeping for three days and then trying to understand quadratic equations.” — Melissa Austin
3. “If someone is speaking to you, all you hear is Charlie Brown’s teacher. You know the person is talking, but you cannot decipher the words or the meaning.” — Lori Hughes
4. “Imagine being shaken awake at 3 a.m. from an extremely deep sleep and asked what type of pizza is your favorite. You might give an answer, but because of your confusion, the answer might not be the ‘best’ answer, nor the one you would normally give.” — Ross Caynes
5. “Imagine losing your keys five times in five minutes, absent-mindedly pouring yourself three bowls of cereal, struggling with remembering what you need to do next, forgetting the majority of the words you know when you need to say something and having an audience for the whole trainwreck that is your new reality.” — Paula J Frey Slater

This has to be my favourite though…

11. “Brain fog is like, y’know, what’s that word? Maybe, if I Google that term, um, that I used last week when I saw my doctor. Was that last week? Let me look on my calendar. Hmm, where’s my iPhone? Did I leave it in my pocket when I went out early? Was that today or yesterday? Oh, wait… Darn, I used to be so good with words. I can remember my SAT scores and got almost 800 on the verbal test, but now I can’t remember words. That is brain fog.” — Angela OddoneOddone

So now imagine how wonderful it feels for all of that fog to have lifted!…
For some reason, this video turns in to a bit of an Oscar speech! 🙊😂
As always, feel free to leave any comments and questions.

Have you tried this treatment before? Did you find it helped in the same way?

Are you thinking about trying it?

Much love, Vix 

22nd June 2017 – Oxygen therapy #3

Late updating this but here is my vlog after my 3rd oxygen therapy…

Day three of my intensive course of Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for MS

We had quite an interesting session yesterday. A guy was also having treatment, it was his first full hour. Unfortunately for whatever reason, he wasn’t happy and we had to stop. I say it was interesting because it enabled me to see what happens in this situation, when someone has a anxiety attack. Luckily there was a lady also in the chamber, that had been going for many years. This lovely lady dealt with the situation, she told the member of staff on the outside of the camber (no staff inside) that this gentleman wanted to stop. The oxygen was stopped, the air pressure was normalised, the door was opened and the guy got out. We all decided we were happy to continue with the treatment as we still had 45 mins of oxygen left!

Although I was really tired after the treatment, it was a general tiredness because of the amount of time I had been in the chamber for. My fatigue was no worse than normal (no better either) Knowing the pattern of my fatigue I would have expected for it to be a lot worse. It was such a great feeling, because I was just feeling my normal effects of my MS fatigue at that time of day (the level of my fatigue differs throughout the day!)

I have a good feeling about this! Roll on next week! 

21st June 2017 – 2nd Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Here’s the video after my second time in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

Feel very different to that ‘lush’ feeling I had when I finished yesterdays session! My head felt so clear yesterday, today it feels very ‘groggy’. That could be to do with the weather, remember, MS isn’t always to blame for feeling like shite! 

This video was done just after I came out of chamber…

21st June 2017 – Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, first vlog, session 2

Soooooo, I’ve been writing a blog about the intensive HBO (Hyperbaric Oxygen) therapy I have just started, thing is, its so much easier to just chat about it!
🦄 here’s my first VLOG! 🦄 

I’m so excited about this! 🙏

Happiness is…

A moment in the garden tidying & now were both walking like 90 year olds! 

Thought I’d have a bath to ease my aches and pains, forgot just how much the heat and humidity effects my MS! 

It was more like bathing in cement when I tried to move! 
Sooooooo, PJs are on! Hot water bottle on our backs & a takeaway ordered! 

All about balance! 

Meme shared via pinterest, words are my own