MS effecting my speech…

​Another referral due to my MS! 

Its crazy how much of ‘you’ MS affects! 

My voice hasn’t sounded the same for around 4 years! 

Nothing major, I just constantly sound as though I have a cold! 
The most annoying thing now is the amount of times I get asked to repeat myself! 

I can’t tell what volume I should be using so can occasionally speak very loud!

The worst is when my voice becomes a whisper and I slurr my words! 

All because MS has affected my swallow! 

When I used to get asked if my swallow was okay at routine check ups, I always thought the consultant meant ‘do I choke often’ 

Answer: “occasionally”
I never linked the question to the problems I have with my voice! And yet it makes total sense! 

Doh!!! 👅😝 

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