Making a down day happier…

โ€‹Having a pretty shitty day today tbh, so fatigued its unreal! Every day lately seems like I have to push myself harder, just to move my body and that’s without actually thinking about what I want my body to do! That takes even more effort! Long gone are those days that I can do things without thinking!
Right now, MS sucks but guess what, I was looking through my pictures on my phone, to find something that reflects my current mood…
That’s when I saw this photo and everything changed! 

This photo was taken last Sunday when I yes me, drove the furthest I have ever driven (90 miles to South Yorkshire) to see my MS sister & the rest of our faaaamily! Of course I had my DebbieRahRah as SatDeb & navigator. What makes me feel more proud, was that I drove without feeling nervous!
This beautiful lady is my Kindred Spirit, she has helped me through my MS more than she’ll take credit for! I only need to see her smiley face and my mood lifts! 

Thank you Sarah Hickman for making my day cheerier! 

(And I know exactly what she’s saying when she reads this… Either “oh behave” or “stoppppp”)


Make peace with Yoga

โ€‹Yoga in the sunshine, don’t mind if I do!

My last yoga practice on Saturday was not a good one, unfortunately I was in too much pain & I just couldn’t concentrate on anything else! Tbh, I could have quite happily gathered my belongings and walked out of the class! I didn’t though & for that I’m incredibly proud of myself! 

Hoping to make peace with yoga tonight! 

Photo shared from Pinterest