Sunday we love you!

​First day of our weekend!
Oh how we love Sundays! Deb has chosen the Namaste-in-bed approach where as i decided to go for the morning Yoga, where I got totally attacked with love and distraction by wonderful Walter Whippet

I gracefully gave in with my Yoga practice and gave the boy some loving back! After all, Sunday is for the fambam right!

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The phenomenon that is my DebbieRahRah


Waking DebbieRahRah this morning in the way of a film!

If your not familiar with this method let me explain in brief, I’ll start by saying 2 things…
1: DebbieRahRah is my life partner, my partner in crime & a fully grown adult who believes in the saying ‘act your show size’
2: We live in a bungalow. This means all on one level and not so far for the sound to travel…

How to get DebbieRahRah up the kind & gentle way…
Choose a film, preferably a cartoon. Put film on and turn volume up loud, louder, louder still.
Now, stand back and watch, or do like I do and carry on with jobs in the kitchen which is directly off the lounge.

In no time at all and very quietly, a sleepy DebbieRahRah will creep out of the bedroom, usually hugging a pillow and heading for the sofa where she will settle herself down to watch the film!

Today’s choice of film… ‘Up’
It worked, but I forgot one crucial thing about this film! How incredibly sad it is within the first 20-30 minutes!

I’d settled myself on the sofa along with Deb to watch the film, when I turn to look at her she has a red nose and tears in her eyes! Oops! Epic fail!
After apologising profusely to her and explaining how I’d forgotten the start of the film, but remembered how funny it is with the dogs, she said it was ok because she loves the rest of the film!

Note to self: when putting this film on again, forward the first 30 minutes to avoid sadness!


Happy Ash Wednesday #Lent #AshWednesday #blog #MegaSpecial #ms #strongerthanMS #thismegaspecialrocks

I’m not religious, I have my own beliefs
That doesn’t stop me thinking lent is a good idea
I think giving up one thing shows us we have the strength to do more than we realise!

Choose just one thing, say goodbye to it!
At the end of lent have a good think, do u really need that in your life?



Here’s to another year of brilliant memories!


Before the networks jam, before your glass gets to full, I’d just like 2 wish everyone a very happy, prosperous & healthy 2016!


Thank you for your support this year!

Let’s make 2016 a year to remember for only good reasons!

Go make memories!