Choosing how to handle my MS

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a difficult disease!
We don’t CHOOSE to have it, but sometimes (mood dependent) we can CHOOSE how we handle the many symptoms of MS

Mostly I try to choose laughter…


Me: Looking at a pile of gifts Deb had unwrapped…
“Is that everything you had in your stocking?”

Deb: Looking very pleased with her gifts…
“Yeah, why?”

Me: Getting brain ache thinking…
“I’m sure there should be some other things” 🤔

Deb: Looking surprised…
“Oh, okay”


Me: Walks in to the lounge feeling very pleased with myself…
“Left or Right?”

THIS STORY is all thanks to my MeSsy brain letting me forget where I put the first xmas gifts I bought for the wife! 😂

This Christmas card is so perfect for this situation!

If I stay in the moment, being more ‘present’ I’m more likely to have a better memory recall & know where I put things!
If I buy her less presents, I more likely to remember /have better memory recall and know where I put the present (less of!) 😂

So, here we are, December! ❄⛄

Such a lovey time of the year, call me crazy but I always loved the hustle and bustle of December!

That feeling when you’ve queued in the shops on black Friday 🛍, you trawled the internet for the best deal on cyber Monday 💻, when you can’t decide whether to treat yourself to a fresh christmas tree 🎄 and then like every year – decide that you could actually spend that money on the food instead 🍽 and you get the artificial tree out of the loft. 
Next, you sit for an hour or more untangling the lights 💡 for the tree! 

Static shocks ⚡️whenever you touch anything after handling all the tinsel, that you eventually threw on your tree 🎄

Trying not to get stressed 😠 when you end up sticking all your fingers together, as you bravely start wrapping the presents ready🎁 for Santa’s 🎅 elves to collect. 

You’ve made it this far with your sanity intact, keep it that way just a little longer!
Lets skip through any more dramas that may try to own you and fast forward to sitting with the family 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦, surrounded by all that wrapping paper and invisible sticky tape that got you so stressed 😡. Now it lies on the floor, torn and screwed up! You got your own back on it! You won that war! 💪
Laughter and love 💗 all around you as you sit at the table with your loved ones, a glass of your favourite beverage in your hand 🍷 and the bottle 🍾 at your side! Take a breath and feel proud! 👌
Enjoy this time, don’t let the madness of this month ruin the best time that is still to come!
Happy December everyone! 

Vix 🙏💚

Do not diet!

​100% Christmas.

Take it easy, relax, eat, drink and be merry. Do not diet. Smile
Most important part of that… ‘Do not diet’… EVER! 

Be kind to yourself instead and eat what your body needs! 

Nourish yourself! 


*student of the best @louiseavilesyoga who is also a student of the best @iammelwells!* 


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Thank you for being you

The amount of love i have for my friends & family is unmeasurable!
AngieMoo, I just kinda like you alot’

Thank you all for your Christmas & New year wishes, cards & gifts!
I was totally Overwhelmed & astonished at the amount of cards we got & all the gifts under the tree!
I had to turn all my notifications on my phone off from Facebook, Twitter, my blog site, Instagram, Snapchat, email and well basically every notification was turned off because I was getting so many!
I had to have breaks from opening our gifts as I keep getting major sensory overload, Christmas day was no exception!

I loved the whole day, I loved all the notifications & found it really hard to stop them! I loved being with family even if it was only for 45 minutes, they were 45 minutes better than non! And me in a pub as well, on Xmas day! I loved having my Mum & Daddy Paul over from Cyprus,  spending time with both is always so precious! New years eve with my Mummy taking silly selfies was priceless! Playing ye old games, making up new rules & watching DebbieRahRah & Sister Bell build a bridge out of ‘Bananagram’ tiles & ‘Jenga’ blocks was incredible! Those 2 certainly have wild imaginations!

Thank you to all for being part of my life, for inspiring me with your art, your photography, your writing, your love for fitness & generally just making me want to be a better me!

*Photo taken from a thank you card I received today from Rae Hodgetts*

Wishing you all a fast trouble free day

Feel for u all today!

What a great Xmas it’s been, a whole 10 days of no work for DebbieRahRah & most people! The longest time Deb has had off over Christmas since she started working in year dot! (🙊)

Wishing you all a fast trouble free day & hoping your alarms are still in one piece!
It’s not really their fault, you set them after all! 😉


Why does shopping have to be so painful!


Christmas shopping done & so am I! Done in & in so much pain! Sat in car waiting for DebbieRahRah whilst watching all the crazy people look for parking spaces!
The world goes mad at this time of year! This is when you never forget what month your in!
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