Remembering how I was 2 years ago…


Looking back at my MS journey… 2 years ago I had to start using 2 walking sticks all the time!

How I am now… wow!
I’m gonna enjoy it & not take days like these for granted because the horrible thing about this disease is it can all change in a heart beat!

The best thing though is its because of me that I’m stronger! Shere will & determination!

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#MSFactFriday Fact #1 Fatigue


I’m guessing us MegaSpecials we’ll feeling a wee bit fatigued tomorrow!

Bring it on! It’s gonna be so much fun!
The happiest 5k it’s called, ‘The Color Run’ is coming to Birmingham tomorrow & I’m taking part with a team of my friends! So, 3 of us have MS & the rest are our support team to make sure we get round ok & push the wheelchairs when our legs have had enough of the walking! I have some amazing friends!

So why are we doing it? Well, Tuesday was my 5 year diagnosis anniversary so for me I’m celebrating that! I’m proud of me & I’m loving life!
Challenging myself to do what my hobby was until I could no longer count on my legs.
Just before I was diagnosed me & my partner had bought ourselves hiking equipment. We loved finding new areas to go to & explore but unfortunately I started to experience pain & weakness in my legs so we had to stop.

I’ve been going to pilates classes 3 times a week & training privately as well. Concentrating on my core muscle to help with my balance and walking!

This girl most certainly can!

Still time to sponsor me & team #BAM4MSUK

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Good luck card for team #BAM4MSUK



Awww so lovely! Good luck card & Skittles to share between team BAM4MSUK from Rae

Thank you so much! Made me really smile girly! U not chicken, just sensible! We’re crazy!

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Where there’s a will… | MS Trust Blog | MS Trust

Feeling rather proud of myself right now & what better day than on my 5 year anniversary for this to arrive! (11th August)

My piece in the MS Trusts publication “where there’s a will”


This is the article I hope to be in ‘The Telegraph’ next month, that’s if the newspaper decide to promote ‘remember a charity in your will week’ now that would be something special!

What an amazing day yesterday was!


Sponsor me & team #BAM4MSUK

Hello to my lovely followers of this little blog!

Next Saturday myself & 8 incredible friends will be getting ready to run, walk, push, hop, skip or jump The Color Run in Birmingham (UK)

This year I am fundraising for a wonder charity called MS-UK
As I’m sure your aware I have MS!
I was confirmed my diagnosis on the 11th August 2010 so to celebrate *yes celebrate* my 5 years I wanted to do something different whilst also raising money for a wonderful charity & raise awareness of this debilitating disease!

In 2011 myself & my partner organised a sponsored firewalk so this should be a walk in the park, quite literally for 5k with the added bonus of being covered in paint every 1 kilometre! Sounds very messy to me! If you know me properly you’ll know that I don’t like mess but I do like a challenge!

Do you think you could dig deep & help us reach our target of £250
Follow the link below or if u live in the UK just text BAMM55 £5 to 70070
Sponsor us

Thank you 😄
love you forever ❤