The punch bag will always win!

What I learnt today:
*Doing a good deed doesn’t always pay off
*I should have gone to Fight Klub
*A punch bag bites back
*Joking about something happening might not be as funny if it happens and  chances are it will
*Jaxon will always save his toys
*Ollie will always look out for her little brother

okay, now let me explain…
Deb has really taken to Fight Klub and decided to order an inflatable punch bag to use on days when she isn’t going to Fight Klub.
It arrived today! She also ordered some half mitts which unfortunately aren’t expected to arrive for a while longer yet.

Jokingly I told her to inflate it before she left for Fight Klub tonight, I think she was that excited she may not have realise the time because she went ahead and started to fill the base with water!

Our friend Adam arrived, he was going with Deb to Fight Klub as I had decided to stay at home and rest after having my infusion of ‘Tysabri’ (medication for my MS)
They didn’t have much time to drink their hot drinks before they had to leave to make sure they arrived in plenty of time.
I told Deb I would finish the punch bag for her so it would be ready for when they returned, not that she would have the energy to do anything afterwards. That’s of course if lasts weeks class was anything to go by!

I continued with the foot pump after they left, it seemed to take a very long time before I noticed any change in the very large limp phallic looking object lying on our kitchen floor! Eventually it started to look more like a punch bag, I guessed that it must have enough air in it by hoping it didn’t explode every time I pumped more air into it.
So now I had either an inflatable punch bag or a one balled phallic object in the centre of our kitchen. It was then that I had the genius idea of trying to move it out of the kitchen towards the dinning area by sliding it on the floor! This was not just a bad idea but an absolutely, ridiculously awful idea!

So imagine, actually, here it is…


The one balled phallic object or ‘punch bag’ pictured here as it did after I 1st finished with it!
I, with all my ‘MegaSpecial’ wisdom, decided the best way to get it from one room to the next was to push it!
Ok, the water is in the base to stabilise it. The plug for this is underneath and it isn’t quite sitting flush with the base. You know the room dividers you get on the floor when there is a change in floor types, yep, are you with me yet?
I pushed the punch bag from the tiled flooring of the kitchen to the Karndean flooring of the dining area when I heard a funny sound! When I looked down there was water gushing out from underneath the punch bag!

Only me!
I then needed to figure out how I could fix this situation! From this moment on I wish I had it recorded just to prove how speshul I can be sometimes!
I thought I would be able to control the water gushing out if I tilted the base to one side, this just made it worse! I ended up plugging the hole with my finger until I figured out what to do! Of course it’s simple, put the stopped part of the plug into the hole!
Next I had to decide what to do with the rug that was slowly soaking up the water, I carried it into the bathroom where I left it in the bath! (The bathroom is close to the dining area)

Next was to get all the water up! Who in their right mind would try getting up such a high volume of water with just kitchen roll!
It wasn’t long before I changed my way and quickly up graded from Kitchen roll to hang towels! Still too much water, I needed so much more! The bath towels came out!
Finally I managed to clean/mop up  my manic 20 minutes!

Jaxon and his toy

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