#blog ‘When did peeling a banana become so hard?’


I’ve come to learn that with MS comes a ‘Multitude of Sins’ maybe that’s what it also stands for as well as the original Multiple Sclerosis of course.
But then us MeSsy folk also like to rename it with names like one of my favourites ‘ManySmiles’ and of course the original one I was given to me by a very dear friend Toni. She is the one that told me MS just stands for what everyone has always known about me, it just means we’re all MegaSpecial! 

This brings me onto my silly bit of research I plan on doing later today, since my MS has progressed I have started to loose a lot of strength in my hands meaning my dexterity is poor!

I have had to start using different cutlery which I used to find embarrassing when eating out, until of course I got over myself! I’ve always liked to be different after all!

I find counting loose change to be difficult sometimes too, more so when I’m tired.
Using a ‘chip & pin’ machine can also be tricky, especially if I’m have a day when my tremors might be bad! Always fun trying to put your card into a machine when you can stop your hand from shaking and then trying to put your pin number in! It’s a good job we have ‘ManySmiles’

I have now also noticed how hard it can be for me now to peel Oranges and in particular Bananas!
When I was searching the internet for some images I could use for this blog I came across something very interesting!
I think I have been peeling bananas incorrectly my whole life but I’m not sure yet until I try it! So later today when I come to eat my Banana whilst having my monthly infusion of ‘Tysabri’ at my local hospital I attend for everything MS, instead of asking my ‘Ty buddy’ to peel my Banana for me I’m going to try it myself following these guidelines!



I’ll let you know what happens! Stay tuned! ☆♡☆


2 thoughts on “#blog ‘When did peeling a banana become so hard?’

  1. ………………..and the results are………………I need to know my dexterity is poor, I love contactless payments helps with pin and shaking immensely 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww hun, well…. The monkeys do it the right way! Doesn’t stop the stringy bits but it’s easier to peel! 👏👍


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