Day 4 of the steroids and hopefully the final day

FB_IMG_1444255162209This is a great graphic to show how I am feeling today!

A shorter blog today as I’m not very focused on what I’m wanting to do. Concentrating is so hard when you have Methylprednisolone or Steroids pumping through your body! I feel like I’ve been in the wash on a fast spin and thrown in the tumble dryer to dry out!

Perhaps I would make an ideal member of the cast for ‘Walking dead’ becasue thats exactly how I feel! One because that is how my MS makes me feel and two because that is how Steroids make me feel! Double whammy


Tomorrow is my reschedualed appointmnet to see the nurse Neurologist. I was supposed to see my MS nurse today but becasue of my new MS symptoms she cancelled the appointment and booked me in to see one of the Neurologists tomorrow, I’m happy that she will be there as well as I have had issues with the Neurologist in the past!

For anyone to say they are looking forward to an appointment with the Neurologist would be speaking far from the truth! When ever I see this particular Neurologist I always worry ‘what if I can’t communicate how I am feeling properly’ that then leads me to thinking ‘what if I make no sense, will he think I’m a hypochondriac?’
I really dislike this man that I’m seeing tomorrow.

Now I’m starting to get palpitations which could easily be down to the steroids, it could also be because of the anxiety I’m feeling about this appointment tomorrow.

I really hope he doesn’t want me to have an extra day on the steroids which would take me up to the full treatment course. Well tomorrow will soon be here and I hope to have some answers!

The things I have learnt today (but may have already known before and had just forgotten)
1: Steroids are Soul destroying
2: Steroids make everything taste like the worst thing imaginable.
3: Every time my MS plays up like this I feel as though it takes a little bit of me away.


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