A MegaSpecial weekend to remember

I must say, it’s been a MegaSpecial kinda weekend & this week has started off just as good!
Full of awesome peapods & many giggles!

It started at 17:30 on Friday 8th May 2015 with the takeover of a twitter account belonging to an MS charity group called Shift.MS


Every weekend they let a member of the MS community take over their twitter account & this weekend was my turn!
I’d been really looking forward to it since I was first asked at the beginning of the year!

It took me a while to find the right subject to get Tweeps engaged but once I did the response was just brilliant!
I hear u asking what was the top subject?

Exercise & fatigue!


It’s amazing to see the reaction I get when I tell people how much I enjoy working out in the gym, attending pilates classes & even the occasional aqua aerobics!

I was one of those type’s of people that didn’t believe in myself enough to go to the gym or take part in exercise classes. Last July my neuro physiotherapist referred me onto an exercise scheme at my local gym & I’ve never looked back since!

The general chat on the @shiftms Twitter takeover was what sort of exercise people with MS do. I was also made aware that there is large amount of people that don’t agree with exercise & MS because of the amount of energy used and the problem most of us get with MS fatigue!

Very interesting chatter!
You won’t find me stopping my exercise though! It helps me manage my Chronic pain & as long as I pace myself I can generally cope with the fatigue side of it! That does tend to mean I have a lot of short naps!


The twitter takeover finished this morning at 9am. Before I said goodbye I shared some of my inspirational sayings and left people to mull them over.

I met a lovely lady after my first Wednesday pilates class, talking with her I found out that she not only teaches the ‘forever fit’ class (for the more seasoned) Laura also teaches an MS exercise class.
When she heard that I have SPMS (Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis) I exercise at the gym & I was doing pilates she was amazed!

Laura then invited me to her MS class!
She told me the dates & times but with my MeSsy brain I forgot. Luckily my pilates instructor Kate got the dates & times for me again.

That class was today! I felt really nervous about going to the class but the fact that Laura really wanted me to attend was enough of a push to get me there!

I had a lovely reception from everyone when I arrived and a great introduction from Laura.
I’ll be honest, I had thought that all the exercises would be done sitting down and so I wasn’t suprised when the class started and everyone stayed seated!
I did however think that the exercises were a little basic to start. That was until I found myself needing a drink! I suffer with dry mouth so for me to need a lot of liquid isn’t unusual!
I then found myself taking off my t-shirt revealing my exercise top underneath! Then before I knew it I needed the gym towel out of my bag!


I asked every one in the exercise class if they are proud of themselves, they looked at me blank!
Then I pointed out to them how amazing they are for making the commitment to attend that class twice a month! It was a lot harder than I anticipated with the exercises challanging the brain as well as the body! Perfect for anyone with MS!

The instructor is wonderful! I found out that, to start off with she only taught the class whilst covering for someone else. Then ended up taking it up as her own class as it was enjoyed be everyone so much!

I shall definitely be going back to the next one in June!
Next time I shall make sure I have enough time to stop after for coffee & chats! Will be nice to get to know everyone & hear all their stories

Thank you Laura for inviting me to your class & thank you Kate for finding the times & dates out for me!

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