My body is calling out for yoga!

Alarm set for my self practice yoga in the morning, haven’t done any thing for a while. Just haven’t had the mojo for it, listening to my body, and she’s telling me she’s ready for the mat tomorrow. That’s if she wakes up in time! Maybe, maybe not, either way is good!! 


Picture is my own with a inspirational quote by Alan Alda, words are my own

Himalayan salt lamp yoga

I always get great satisfaction when I get up early for my own yoga practice. This mornings practise was so beautiful & very energising! 
Absolutely loving my Himalayan crystal salt rock candle holder from my gorgeous sister Sarah Charlesworth for my birthday! Thank you, the energy from it is so wonderful! 


Picture is my own as are the words

Frustration overload continued…

​This may seem a contradiction to last nights post but, it has been planned for a while, I’m off to a new (to me) yoga class with my yoga bestie! 

I won’t stop my yoga practice, I just won’t be attending classes for a while (after today!)

This means I’ll have to mentally work harder to make sure I do continue with my own practice! I’m sure you can imagine, how much easier it is to sit on the sofa, rather than rolling out your mat! 

I’m not quitting, its not my nature, I’m just listening to my body and preserving my emotional state! 

MS anxiety & depression is so hard to stay on top of! 


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All the Yoga highs!

​So this happened during my 1-1 yoga today!

Today’s session was all about love, self love and appreciation in fact! 

This is what happens when you have such a wonderful Yoga teacher who you feel so connected to! Thanks to her as well for putting me in contact with Melissa Wells!
I feel so honoured that the universe heard me on one of those many days, when I was so low, from the beging of my MS diagnosis 7 years ago and Fibromyalgia 6 years ago to when I was given Louise’s name in March 2016!
I was so desperate to stop hating myself for gaining weight because of my mobility issues, not because of anything I could have prevented. 

I needed a change. Something had to give, so I put it out there, I had always felt the calling for Yoga, knowing how open I am to spiritual insight, I knew I was on the right path.
I think it could have only been my third 1-1 with Lou when I started to open up to her about what I had only at the time, recently discovered about myself, I had an eating disorder. 

She instantly told me about Mel & The Goddess Revolution, which upon hearing about it, I instantly pre-ordered the book! 

And I’ve never looked back since! 
This picture makes me so happy!

What you cant see is my beaming yoga high smile during, after and every time I look at it!

What no one saw and very rarely sees (that’s called being an MS warrior, there’s a lot of us! 👏) was the major energy crash afterwards and the muscle soreness!

You know what though, it was totally worth it! The whole session was!
Please always remember, anything is possible! 🙏💚

Namasté baby!

​Productive day! 2 loads of washing done and dried, fell asleep this afternoon and then dinner cooked ready to be re-heated and eaten after Yoga! 
Not beating myself up about the unplanned sleep, getting better at allowing myself the  rest when I need it! 
Seriously looking forward to Yoga tonight with @louiseavilesyoga 

Learning more lessons about myself

​Each of my Yoga practises seems to bring me a new lesson! 

Contrary to belief, Yoga isn’t all about looking amazing in poses or how long you can hold a headstand for. Nope, its what you learn about yourself whilst doing it and believe me, I’m learning a heck of a lot! 

It really is magic! 

Remember… 🐴➡💫yoga💫➡🦄 But also, not every practise makes you feel amazing, some can be very draining, like today! 

Trust the journey! Its not all black & white! Believe in yourself! 

Namasté @louiseavilesyoga 🙏

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Make peace with Yoga

​Yoga in the sunshine, don’t mind if I do!

My last yoga practice on Saturday was not a good one, unfortunately I was in too much pain & I just couldn’t concentrate on anything else! Tbh, I could have quite happily gathered my belongings and walked out of the class! I didn’t though & for that I’m incredibly proud of myself! 

Hoping to make peace with yoga tonight! 

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