More antibiotics!

​Another course of antibiotics! 

The joys of an MSr with a lazy bladder! 😕
So, on top of my head cold and chesty cough, I now have my third bladder infection in as many months! I seriously need some probiotics
The blog i started a month ago about this part of my ms is growing!

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MS people are some strong mother fkers

5:45am and I’ve already been fully awake for an hour and half, to say I #slept much last night would be an #overstatement! 

#Coughing, #spluttering, #sneezing, #backfiring, it was all going on! At 2am I thought it was 5am! 4am Deb asked if I wanted a #drink, I declined as I had already decided to move my body to the lounge! Poor Deb needs her #sleep and so I left her in #peace!
Thanks to my #MS, sleep just isn’t working so well lately! I don’t remember the last time I slept past 5am without unbroken sleep, and many trips to the #toilet! More of that coming up in my latest #blog! 
If its not my #MSbladder playing up, its a #headcold & a nasty one at that! 

#Grittyeyes, #burningfizzingnose, #leakingnose, #razorblades in my throat, #tonsils that feel the size of #golfballs and my #chest is on fire every time I attempt to #cough! 
I remember when a #cold was just a cold but now they take a whole new meaning and deserve a name far worse! 

Its understandable why they are so much worse for us when our (MSrs) #immunesystem #attacks itself on a daily basis! Its like it has far better things to do than fight off a pesky cold, like attack the protective #coating that covers our #nervefibres, causing signals sent from your #brain through our #bodies to be incorrect! 

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Having a head cold when your immune system is already attacking itself!

​Its a Pajamas all day and Netflix kinda day! 
Thoughts come before action, but this time my body has to come first! 
Yoga is teaching me to take better care of myself! Even if it means cancelling favourite classes because I need to reserve my energy! 

I always forget that even the tiniest head cold can have major impact when you have a chronic illness where your immune system attacks itself on a daily basis!
Hoping the more I rest, the quicker I can shift this head cold. Woke up this morning feeling like my tonsils have taken over my throat! 
Looking forward to my poorly wifey getting home from work so we can netflix and chill together until Tuesday! 😍

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You are something magical

​”You are something magical”
Remembering this today, especially after receiving 2 letters from my neurologist via my GP

The letters are from my latest routine #appointment with #neuro for my #ms review which was back in September.
The letters speak briefly about my MS but mainly about my weight gain 

I know this is part of a medical practitioners job but I could have cried whilst reading it! 
He says about how we discussed my increase in antidepressant which I also use for pain relief and the possibility of this being a reason for the rapid increase in weight.
Well Mr hoity toity, I’m doing the best I can right now & I’m happy with that! 
Looking forward to my lovely Yoga teachers return from her jollies so we can make a start on me being one of her health coach case studies.

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New Monday, new week, new goals

​”I’m not one to set myself goals often as I don’t want to set myself up for failure!”
BUT… I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. Maybe where I’m going wrong is the angle I’m looking at it from? 
If you look at the comment, I use a very powerful, negative word… ‘Failure’ 

Its as though I’m expecting to fail which is never a nice thing! 
Surely if I am more positive about it by adding positive words, thus making the comment positive at least I’ll have made a good start to succeeding! 

So, with that in mind… 
HAPPY MONDAY TO YOU ALL! Here’s to any goals that you have set yourself for the week! 
I’ve put my fitbit back on today &  I’m going to be starting with one of the most basic, fundamental things to achieve this week… Making sure I drink enough water!

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MS effecting my speech…

​Another referral due to my MS! 

Its crazy how much of ‘you’ MS affects! 

My voice hasn’t sounded the same for around 4 years! 

Nothing major, I just constantly sound as though I have a cold! 
The most annoying thing now is the amount of times I get asked to repeat myself! 

I can’t tell what volume I should be using so can occasionally speak very loud!

The worst is when my voice becomes a whisper and I slurr my words! 

All because MS has affected my swallow! 

When I used to get asked if my swallow was okay at routine check ups, I always thought the consultant meant ‘do I choke often’ 

Answer: “occasionally”
I never linked the question to the problems I have with my voice! And yet it makes total sense! 

Doh!!! 👅😝 


1-1 Yoga! 

Today I will try to remember that where ever I get to in my practice is ok!

I will remember that not only have I completely stopped one of my MS nerve pain meds but I have also halved the main one as well!

Today I will remember not to be hard on myself because this is going to hurt & there’s a reason for it! 
I have to overcome the pain and not let it overcome me! I am in charge of own thoughts! 

It is with my mind and the breath alone that will get me through this! 

As with all my blogs please feel free to share using the options at the end of this blog.

Any comments are also always welcome! 

Thanks, Vix

Tysabri (natalizumab)

​Monday already and the alarm is set to wake me up in less than five hours! 

Its been four weeks since my last infusion so that can only mean one thing… Time for some more of the good stuff when daylight breaks! 
This is my super juice! My drug not so much of choice because, come on, really who chooses to pump chemicals like this through their veins without getting a ‘high’ afterwards! 

Actually, thinking about it, yes, I choose! I choose this over monthly relapses, over loosing my vision, over being wheelchair bound! 

And there is a high, eventually, after the initial feeling like crap! The high is in the knowing that I have been relapse free and steroid free for a whole year now! Knowing that the relapse I know i had last year was minimal in comparison to before I was put on to Tysabri! 
So heres to you NHS! I salute you for the service you provide for me & my MS family and anyone else that calls upon you! 

Eternally grateful, me!

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MS, you took my speech!?

​Cog fog! (Cognitive function)

Speech! Say no more! 

Major frustration when your constantly asked to repeat yourself because you having a massive sensory overload! 

Feel for my Mum, must be upsetting to have to keep asking all the time! 

She’s not used to hearing me like this as she lives in a different country to me! 😥

Damn you MS! Give me back my speech!