MS messed with the wrong girl

​My post-fight klub picture with my DebbieRahRah to the left & Laura to the right! 

Amazing, hot, sweaty class last night! 

*tank top reads “MS messed with the wrong girl* HA! Didn’t it just! 

Be kind to yourself

I may not be the strongest
I may not be the fastest
But I’ll be damned if I’m not trying my hardest!

I may not be able to go to every exercise class I book, working hard in classes tests me the next day!
Hard choice but sometimes I just have to say to myself, I’m being kinder by letting my body rest, for now!
Some people may think it’s quitting, I know different!


Image shared via face book


Today I did my first Yoga class and I absolutely loved it! Let me just take this in for a moment!

Yep! Proud!
I’ve wanted to try yoga ever since I started Pilates! My physio always said stick with Pilates, keep the movements fluid. Why!!! I loved it!

Yes, definitely proud!
I stepped out of the box, out of my comfort zone, made the move, did something entirely different to my normal!

I have to say I loved it that much that I booked another 5 sessions!

Thank you Louise for your patience with me & for agreeing to not only have a selfie with Myles the MS-UK mascot but to agreeing to take progress pictures of me for the next 5 (or more!) sessions!

Thank you to Rach for passing Louise’s details on to me as well!

And thank you to everyone in my life for believing in me enough for me to believe in myself!

I have now copied this speech as it’ll do nicely should I ever win an Oscar! ;)😂😂😂

Me (left) Louise (right) Myles the MS-UK mascot I'm the middle