I miss my friends

I recently wrote a post on a Facebook page, that I haven’t visited for a very long time!…

So, I used to come here a lot. A day wouldn’t go by without me posting!
So grateful to this page and every one involved for helping me through my tough times!

I had to cut out such a lot of social media because it is far to tiring for me. My fatigue is so hard to handle and social media is top of the list for making it worse!

Trouble is, I feel as though I’ve totally isolated myself because of it and by complete accident!

Going from someone who has such a lot of friends to someone that never hears from them is so hard!

This isn’t a pitty plea and I don’t even know if I should post this or not, but if I’m right, this is a safe space?

I feel so alone, in a world where there are so many people, I feel alone!
I have a beautiful wife, and carers that come every day to help me/us and I still feel alone.

I know how lucky I am, because I do see people. But if I didnt pay for them, how much contact would I have from people other than my wife who I love dearly!

Does anyone else feel like this?

MeSsy days

​My post from earlier today showing the world of Facebook how heat effects me

I apologise in advance if you see me or talk to me today, i have my coolest clothes on therefore look like a sack, my hair is a mess, can’t be bothered with make up and I’m just generally slow! 

This is what we refer to as a MeSsy day! 😜

No filters! Can’t you tell!?

#MyInvisibleFight “How do you open yours?”

#MyInvisibleFight #invisibleillness #invisiblefight #iiwk15



After seeing the post on Facebook (shown above) I have decided I shall take part & so every time I see a photo opportunity of #MyInvisibleFight I shall post the picture on instagram & here on my blog site which will then share to Facebook & twitter!

If you know me, are close to me & think this will be too upsetting for you then stop reading now.

My intention isn’t to upset people, nor is it to make people feel sorry for me or others with Invisible illnesses. We don’t need a ‘Pity party’ we just want people to understand & realise how hard it can be for us! How incredible we are! How strong we have to be!

To be honest, this is quite a good ‘pick me up’ for me as I often forget the challenges I have & still do overcome!


My 2nd photo is something as simple as opening the post!

I love to receive mail! I no longer get bills in the post, come on people, we’re in the age of technology! Everything is now email, text, apps, this is our world!

“Your EE bill is now ready for you to view online
“Your E Newsletter is now ready to be viewed online
“Your now due your next eye examination “

How exciting is it to hear the letter box rattle, knowing that someone somewhere has thought of you! Either that or its a flyer from the local takeaway! No thank you! We don’t want those here!

Off I go to collect my mail, I sit down with whatever hot drink I’m partial to that day, post on the table in front of me & then I remember!

Oh no, my hands aren’t working today! I can’t keep a tight grip of the letter & coordinate my other hand to work at the same time! Oh, oh…. no! I’ve torn it! I hope it’s still readable!


Yes there is such a thing as ‘letter openers’ I’m just not sure it’s a good thing on days like these for me to be holding something with a pointy end!

Imagine, gawd forbid if I ended up at A&E with a puncture wound somewhere on my body & having to explain to the nurse how I did it! I’m sure they’ve heard worse!
“It was because of the letter & a letter opener, actually nurse, the letter opener is still in my tummy”

Now please don’t stop sending me good old fashioned snail mail because I may not open it to perfection, where there’s a will there’s a way!