September sun

​True story! 

20°c is always going to be tropical to me! 

Don’t get me wrong, I love to see the sun! Who doesn’t! Its one of those enigmas in life, people are happier when its sunny (unless your a vampire, then that’s just unfortunate! Move to Forks, Washington,USA! I hear its nearly always cloudy there!) 

Like i was saying, I’m happy to see the sun, as long as i can stay cool & its not humid! It’s the humidity that’s the hardest to combat for us MSrs, staying cool can be achieved a number of ways but how do you combat humidity? Answers on a postcard 🤔😉

Heata maker me wanna sleepa

​Soooooo sleepy! 

I find it so odd how some people’s MS likes dry heat, helping with their pain levels & then there’s some whom like me, it makes their pain worse! 

Humidity has to be the worst for all MS’rs! I’ve never met an MSr who likes humidity! 

For too long i haven’t been able to visit my friend @emilytexasbaran in her (was then) new home in Texas because of the humidity there! 

Now she has moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania I’m going to have to start saving hard for flight tickets! #notsohumidthere

Tooooooo hot man!

Passion, compassion, humour & style

Had a lovely morning today with a spot of hot sweaty Pilates! Might seem odd to some but that statement makes me feel so proud, being able to push myself to exercise in the heat & humidity without any air conditioning!

For anyone that isn’t familiar with heat/humidity & the effects on MSrs: It can & does (for me) bring on all of my MS symptoms I have experienced to date, normally tenfold! 

I’ve finally found a way to manage this & continue to exercise.

I’m cold, it hurts if I get too hot but can’t feel heat to touch!

Gotta love my Debbie for switching the electric blanket on last night for when I went to bed!

Gotta hate my MS for me not even realising it was on (I couldn’t feel the difference in temperature!)

I’d done myself a hot water bottle as well & took it to bed with me warming my back to ease the pain!

Oh my days! Can u imagine!