Tattooing 27/4/17

This week is MS awareness week in the UK, something I am very aware of everyday as you can imagine! 
MS has changed my life! I learn new things about my-self every day because of it. Some things I’m not keen on which is ok because at least I can spend time reflecting on the things I don’t like, as long as I’m not spending too much time on one thing because then it becomes unhealthy! 
Its taken me along time to get to this point of acceptance, there is no end point to it though, something people may not know is how much MS can change from day to day, meaning everyday we may have to adapt and accept something new or even the return of an old symptom! 

Our lives are never boring! 
Yesterday was an amazing day! A day that I had been planning and working on for a long time! 

Yesterday I took myself into the city of Coventry, its only just over 10 miles away, but for someone with extreme anxiety, this is an amazing thing to do! 
I went to see this beautiful, kind & gentle soul, Holly Marie. So she could get creative and mark me with a beautiful image, that would forever remind me of what an incredible journey I am on. 

The point I am at in my life now, feels so right! I feel as though, with the guidance of so many over the last 7 years (and more, even before my MS) I have started To unveil the real me and like a Lotus flower, I am blossoming!
What an epic LifeJourney! 

Thank you for treating me so well yesterday Holly and I’ll see you in 2 weeks for my next symbolic image! 

Picture is my own, as are words. Permission to use image of tattooist was granted 27/4/17

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