My agony weekend *Monday*

Wifey has been such a star all weekend, giving me the strength and courage to eat! 

Look at what she made me today, an open top chicken salad sandwich, with gluten free bread! 
I know it may sound odd that she’s giving me strength and courage to eat, but when you’ve been in as much pain when ur stomach is trying to digest food, sometimes it seems easier to not eat! 
That’s what happened to me 15 years ago! The exact same symptoms, except I didn’t eat for 6 weeks? I was so shocked when they told me I had a stomach ulcer, even though test results were in conclusive! 
I’m still not right but at least I’m eating & its good food! 

I’m not in as much pain as I was either! That’s the best part for me! 

Going to carry on taking it easy, unfortunately that means I haven’t had my endorphin fix since Friday, but I’ll get over it! 
I do still plan on a nice Chi Yoga class on Wednesday then resting again! 

Onwards and Upwards! I have got this, I may not have control over my health but I have control over how I handle it! 

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