Let that shit go!

​DebbieRahRah this morning “lets go to the seaside & on the way back we’ll call in and show Walter to Mom & Daddy David” 

I let out a shocked “Meh?!?!?” Unfortunately that’s my anxiety getting the better of me!

11am we were in the car, 2 & half hours later we were there! The was shining on us, 29°c, a nice cool breeze and yet the sea was like a mill pond! 

Windbreaks erected across the shingly beach in true British style! 

As we approached the slight sloping path down to the beach, I realised just HOW many people there were down there! 

Just breathe Vicky, just breathe! Its only people! I told myself! But what if people stare at me because I have a walking stick? What if I walk funny because of the sand? What if I fall? What if I get sunburnt? What if the heat effects my MS? What if what if what if!!!

Did it matter? Really? Chances were most people would be sunbathing, reading or shouting at their children! So why would they care about 1 person that just happens to have walking aid! I’m sure I wouldn’t be the first they’d seen in their life! 

Walking funny??? Everyone walks funny on the beach when the sand moves beneath your feet! 

If you fall over just get back up, brush yourself off and carry on… If anything, you’ll give someone a giggle, if they notice! 

Sunburn? You’ve got suncream, use it! 

Heat? Deal with it!
Do you see, if I’d have let the anxiety win, I wouldn’t have had such a wonderful day! I wouldn’t have found the strength to walk to the shore, I wouldn’t have paddled in the pools on the way to the sea, I wouldn’t have got a sun kissed nose or sandy toes, I wouldn’t have seen our little boys first paddle in the sea & his reaction when he first went on the sand and started to jump around like a spring lamb!
The inlaws were over the moon with their surprise visit & so happy to meet Walter who they just adore! Jaxon is still their number one boy though! Was nice to hear Debs mum say ‘Mummy Vicky’ as well!… Little does she know! 

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