When u forget things work because of #msfatigue

Charging my phone wondering where the USB end of the lead fits into my phone!
I’ve charged my phone millions of times! Where does it go?

The realisation that the USB end goes into a plug or in this case my lap top & the MINI USB goes into the bottom of my phone!

This is MS fatigue! Oh my MegaSpecial life! It’s never dull! 😜


2 thoughts on “When u forget things work because of #msfatigue

  1. This really made me chuckle, not in a bad way you understand, but laughing because I so understand and have done this myself. I once spent 10 minutes getting frustrated trying to plug my mobile in to a charger, eventually my wife clocked what I was doing and laughed and said erm that’s the camera charger! Doh!

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    1. I was laughing so much when I realised what I was doing & your comment just reflects that! Thank you! I do love to get comments on my blog posts!
      Isn’t it a good job we can laugh at ourselves! 😂

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