What a wonderful afternoon! My first ever proper group Xmas meal with the Pilates peeps! 25+ ladies & 3 gents!

I was so nervous about going because of my MS and how anxious I get about every silly little thing! As always there was no need for me to worry, Hannah Bailey our Pilates instructor made sure of that! Thank you so much for looking after me Hannah! Did I get you when I threw my drink across the table? That ‘was’ an accident I promise, don’t make it a hard pilates class because of it! πŸ˜‰

It was a lovely meal which I managed to cut by myself becasue I remembered to take my ergonomic cutlery! This may seem odd to people but I feel so proud of myself for doing that, that’s a massive step to acceptance for me.

I loved how people in the group kept coming to our end of the table to mingle as it meant I could stay sitting which wouldn’t add to my fatigue!

Thanks to Kate King (old *not in years* pilates instructor) for making an appearance! I’m amazed I managed to keep that suprise to myself!

Thanks to Hannah (1 of our current pilates instructors) for looking after me! Even though for some reason she was hanging onto me on the way out!
Really Hannah! Not a good idea to hang onto a wobbly MegaSpecial especially one that was as fatigued as me after that busy busy wonderful lunch πŸ˜‰

Lisa Perry, you were definitely missed girly! I hope u are resting up and not feeling to poorly now 😐

And lastly a huge thanks to Linda Treadwell for organising the whole meal! What an amazing job u did! ❀

Left to right: Kate, Hannah & me sitting down
Left to right: Hannah & Kate
Left to Right: Kate & me
Left to Right, Top row: Hannah, Colin, me & lovely lady I sat next to! 😨 MeSsy moment... I forgot her name! Oops!
The Pilates peeps!


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