Brrrrr! It’s a little chilly!

If there’s one thing I can guarantee with my MS, it hates the slightest change in temperature! Anything between 18.5°C & 20.5°C is fine but lower or gawd forbid higher then there’s trouble!

Me (right) and my MegaSpecial Sistaaah Sare (left) in Cyprys

2 years ago I went to visit my Mum in Cyprus with my MegaSpecial Sistaaah Sarah (from another mista, aka my best friend!) Her MS just adores dry heat and my is it hot in Cyprus! Unfortunately I spent most of the holiday in so much pain! Luckily I had my Mummy and DdyPaul looking after me whilst my MegaSpecial Sistaaah Sare was keeping me busy with laughter!
Despite the pain I still had a wonderful holiday!


On the other scale is days like today when the temperature really starts to plummet and winter sets in! Nights like this when I have to increase my ‘Pregabalin’ (nerve pain meds) to help me with my pain through the night!
I’m not sure which is the worst? The pain in the winter when my Spasticity in my legs, arms and hands is worse or the pain in the Summer when my MS Fatigue is worse!

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