Vix, the bird whisperer

It appears I may have a talent for saving birds!
Another one flew into the window here at Fugly Manor Nature Reserve, big explosion of feathers as usual & a tiny young Gold Finch hits the decking, neck twisted round!

I thought she/he was a gonna (for this posts sake bird is a she!)
When I bent down to her, she was still breathing and she blinked her tiny little eyes at me! Her neck was still twisted round so I was holding much hope. I very gently lifted her a cupped her in my hand, she just kept blinking looking & at me. I managed to find a shoe box, put some holes in so she wouldn’t suffocate, some kitchen roll and lay her in it.

I was due to go to my MS exercise class but wasn’t quite sure what to do with this precious little creature. I decided the best thing would be to keep her in the box and put it in the shed whilst I was out!

As soon as I got back, that little bird was on my mind! What will I find when I open the box? I wasn’t expecting it to be good news.
I opened the shed door, very gently I lifted the box and stepped out of the shed. If it was ok, the last thing I would want to happen is for it to be loose & flying around the shed!
I took a breath and opened the lid, nothing apart from some feathers & bird poop! No bird! Well I guess it’s ok then and maybe I cut that hole to large! I was shocked that it got through the hole!
Whilst being in shock that the bird was gone I then realised I needed to find it! It was in the shed somewhere! Oh gawd!
I looked around the window area, knowing that it would have been attracted to the light. Bingo! I could hear it, it was trapped between the wall of the shed & some wood. I managed to pull the wood out of the way & out flew the little young Gold Finch!
She flew onto the larger shed opposite, stopped to catch it’s breath and figure out what had happened and then flew away!

Yey! I saved another casualty of the window!

I feel so happy! 😄

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